Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lend Me Your Eyes.



Today, this little guy was hanging out on my laundry room door.
No, it’s not a Halloween decoration! It’s for real people. 
So what did I so? I screamed and then I smashed him with my flip flop, like any normal housewife would do.

However,  now my mom has me worried that it was perhaps a poisonous Brown Recluse.
I have 20/20 vision, but given the circumstances, I don’t want to be worrying that I have a creepy brown recluse spider family crawling around here.

I need your eyes.
Check out the chart below.



I think it looks more like the grass spider. 
What do you think?

Here’s hoping I won’t have to change the name of my blog to Haus of Spiders!

Thanks for your help!


BriBedell said...

I definitely think it's a grass spider!!

Emily said...

I think it looks like the grass spider too. Eek!

SoSoBella said...

oh how i hate spiders. yuck. i too think it is a grass spider.

ragamuffinbeauties said...

Hubs thinks it's either the grass spider of wolf spider. Hope you're feeling better!

Carrie said...

Grass spider!

Keira and Kayla's Mommy said...

In college I lived in a house with a ton of brown recluse, so I sort of became a pro! Brown recluse have "violins" on their backs which is really easy to see/identify. Not to freak you out, but every house in Missouri has them....but you won't find them hanging around. They are called "recluse" because they like to hide in dark places like your basement or attic :)

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Looks like a grass spider to me, but still - eww!!

Erin Burns said...

I got bit by a brown recluse when I was in college. So gross. It made the skin on my leg turn black and die and flake off like I had been burned.

Luckily - I don't think your friend is a Brown Recluse...I should ask Mr. Burns the Science Teacher for his expert opinion!!

TDM Wendy said...

yeah, the pointy booty lends itself to the grass spider. but who can know for sure? only those who get bitten...

{cuppakim} said...

ewww. freaky post for sure.
i am not sure why i was not following your blog until now - but the girls this weekend had some pretty awesome kind words to speak of you. ;)

anyway, 100% grass spider. for sure.

Angie - treasuresfortots@gmail.com said...

I think it looks like the Hobo spider too. It's antenna seem to be further apart like the Hobo compared to the Glass? IDK - it's hard to pick between the two. Both of them have pointy butts too - the Glass' butt is pointer though. Haha! Glad it wasn't the Brown Recluse - those little buggers are nasty!

Anonymous said...

It's definately a grass spider. Not a brown recluse, not a wolf spider. I've had a wolf spider outside not too long ago and the thing was a monster! I have a grass spider outside my window right now and this is it.


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