Friday, February 4, 2011

snow full of craft

When life gives you snow, and you are trapped inside for a few day, what should you do?
Make things!
Yesterday during nap I came across
this cute idea and knew I had to make one. 

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when someone comes along mid-afternoon, right smack during nap time (for eight kids mind you!) and DING DONG!  
Our two black labs bark like crazy and I want to cry. 
Don’t people know how precious nap time is for my sanity, workout and craft time?  Apparently they do not. 

So let’s see if this helps the sitch here at Haus of Girls…
baby may be sleeping please knock vinyl sign 2

My version. 
A friendlier way of saying, “If you DARE ring my door bell you will have one raging mad Momma answering the door.”

baby may be sleeping please knock vinyl sign 1

Sometimes I wish I never had a door bell installed whenever we were building our home.  That’s how annoying it is.

baby may be sleeping please knock vinyl sign 3

But since I don’t have a time machine and there is the occasional time I can’t hear atomic bomb, much less a knock at the door when I’m in my basement/playroom/workout room/sewing room, it will just have to stay put.

Now onto my next snow day project. 
Three Valentine’s Day dresses for three little girls to wear to Nana and Papa’s Valentine’s Day party tomorrow. 
It’s really February friends?

Thank your for all the sweet comments yesterday, by the way.  Most of the time I feel this blog is an alternative way of communicating with myself.  I talk-type to myself and document all that’s happening at Haus of Girls, not knowing who is even reading along with me.
So it’s nice to hear from others who are indeed stopping by and reading as well. 

Your input and responses, in a way, make me feel a bit less of a “talking to myself” kind of girl at home all day with eight silly kids. 
Adult reinforcement and encouraging words are always appreciated, as children don’t always have the vocabulary or desire to articulate, “keep up the good work!  You are doing a great job!”  

So thank you to all who stop by Haus of Girls to check in on me!

Have a fantastic (more snow’s a comin’) Super Bowl weekend!
Who is making this?
Or this?
Or both?
You know I am!


Tanya said...

I LOVE that sign! It's perfect!
I've told more than one person off for ringing the doorbell during gives me unreasonable rage to be honest...and I'm only dealing with my own two.
{I can't believe you have 8 kids successfully nap! You're wonder woman}
I stop by all the time and I don't comment much ~ usually don't have time because of the chaos surrounding me ~ but I love your blog and your stories and your outlook on life. :)

WendyLou said...

Yup. Our dogs do the same thing every time the doorbell rings. It drives me crazy!! You can totally disconnect the wires at the bell itself (the part on the inside of the house). People can push the little button all day long, and you'll never know :) Ours has been disconnected for a couple of years. Bliss!!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

That sign is perfection! Does it work at all? At one point (when Leila was a baby) I had a sign taped OVER the freaking doorbell saying "baby sleeping, please knock" and the d-bag UPS guy would still ring the doorbell. I'm getting all riled up just thinking about it and it was like 3 1/2 years ago. LOL!

MJ @ Creative Madness Mama said...

Going to Etsy now!


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