Monday, February 7, 2011

three little red Valentine’s Day dresses {a sneak peek}

I made my girls some fun and festive dresses for a Valentine’s Day party at my husband’s parent’s house this past weekend.
It was a sea of red


Mia, like I have mentioned is six and a half now and is so over skirts, dresses and most hair accessories these days.  She was a bit skeptical of wearing a dress for the big party. However, when she paired it with some skinny jeans and her new favorite boots from Aunt Adie, she gave it two thumbs up. 
I was relieved, because there’s nothing like taking the time to sew up something fun for her to wear, and then her vetoing it in the end. 
Have I mentioned how excited I am for the teenage years?

Here is a glimpse at a series of the sea of red as we were about to walk out the door…




I had to throw in this one to remind myself of the long photogenic lacking journey I’ve taken with Gracie.


Mia, striking a pose.


Sophie was so excited to wear her Dorothy shoes for this red-filled occasion.

Proof of a very improved photo-posing Gracie.
Duckie, her flower necklace, lips purse and all.
(Proof of her hoarding problem.)


And here is a shot of all the cousins at Nana and Papa’s house. 
(The only part of Maddie you can see is her boppers from behind the table!)
I must say, after looking at this picture again, I couldn’t help but sigh and mumble to myself, “Poor Ethan.”

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?!


Amy said...

Uh, those are dar-ling....another reason why I need to learn how to sew! {Sigh} Adore the leg warmers over the tights with the sparkly Dorothy shoes! Happy week before Valentine's Day to you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

awww <3
i love the little leg warmers (the sock things)!
aw ducky made it into the photos haha cute

Carrie said...

We are having a Valentine's party at my brother's this weekend. I love the dresses and did you make those adorable matching headbands? Super cute.

Suzie said...

I love the headbands! Do you make them for your etsy shop?

Two Little Tots said...

love them! i have to make some cute t's for the girls' valentine's party at school next week. need to work on them today i think!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Love it!! The dresses and the girls are so cute I kinda can't stand it! xo!


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