Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get Organized with a Backpack Nook :: A Giveaway


Are you sick of backpacks lying all over the floor?
Or randomly flung around the house landing on chairs, couches or the stairwell?
So was I up until this past weekend. 

I simply could not take it anymore.
I needed a place for each girl to hang their backpacks everyday so that when they were about to head out the door, they would know right where to go. 
No searching.
No drama.


So Saturday I made this fun little backpack nook right by our front door.


I bought these awesome, non damaging, sticky hooks from Joanns for about five dollars each and put each girl’s initial above them.
They love their initials and having their very own special hook.
Grace walked around all weekend saying, “I am going to go hang up my packpack on my G.”


Do you want your very own backpack nook initials for your children?
Good because I am adding them to my
Haus of Girls etsy shop today!

Or you can win a set right here!
Just leave me a comment  below with one of your best organizational tips and I will select one of you to get your own backpack nook initials.

Drawing will be next Wednesday.


April said...

I love how the nook came out. We have the same problem with backpacks at our house.
My best organizing tip is really simple. I was so tired of waiting for my kids to find their shoes each morning. It was frustrating. So I got a simple black boot tray from the Target $2.50 area and now every time my kids walk in I make them take their shoes off and put them in the tray. No more morning hunt. Simple organization I know. Lol

Jenny Lynn said...

They are my favorite! So pretty and easy!

Kristen Rogan said...

I love it! Such a cute idea! My best organizing idea (to date) has been to put ALL scrapbooking, etc tools in to a huge tool kit with compartments for buttons, thread, stickers, etc. Makes it so easy to get out when I have the time to work!

Ms Mae said...

My best organization is that toys STAY in their rooms! That way they are not found ALL over the house :)

jonahbonah said...

hmmm...i'm not at all best tip???? ok! i did recently go through a junk drawer in the kitchen and put everything in its own little ziploc bowl...the teeny ones. and i put a basket in it for mckinley's bows. {i'm not sure how her bows ended up in the kitchen drawer...}

i would love these letters!!! i'd have to get screw in the wall hooks though. my boys backpacks are HEAVY!!!

Rebecca said...

such a cute idea!!!

Mariah said...

looks great! hmmm... best organizational tip, not really for organizing stuff, but more my mind. I have a premade shopping lists for my most used items at target, costco and the grocery store. I print a fresh one out every other week and can quickly check an item off the list when needed - when I'm ready to hit the store, my list is complete!

LisaM said...

yay! thanks for the giveaway!

I had my dad make a 3 by 3 cube organizer for my daughter - it will grow with her! Now it holds a couple of baskets with toys and diapers, etc. and soon it may hold toys and books, etc. I probably will label the shelves at some point for her to put her little things away as we learn together. :-)

Four Fit Sisters said...

Pick ME...Pick ME. I will take an "E" and a "T". Thanks and have a nice day. I will be reposting this on Facebook immediately.

ragamuffinbeauties said...

Great idea! We homeschool, so we wouldn't need them for backpacks, but I do need them for the hooks in our bathroom for towels...perfect solution!

TDM Wendy said...

Great idea! Right now we only have one backpack kid so I just have him keep it in his room, but that looks great!

Amy C said...

I wish I had a ggod organizational tip. We are totally unorganized but are working on it. The backpack nook ould be a great help.

Mandy Rose said...

I am OBSESSED with organization! I dream about different ways to organize my house and the kids toys nightly. Seriously. Type A. Bad deal. Haha! I would love to win these adorable wall decal initials! So far my best organizational skill has been to hire my dad to build me bookshelves and toy shelves for all the kids stuff! I have him on 3 projects right now! :)

Tonia said...

Oh my goodness, how cute. I would love to have a set of these. Hope I win!

God bless!

Tonia said...

Oh my goodness, how cute. I would love to have a set of these. Hope I win!

God Bless,

Tonia said...

Oops...I forgot my best organizational tip...

As soon as you get home, replenish the diaper bag...diapers, snacks, wipes, etc. Or if you rotate bags like I also do sometimes, make sure each bag is always filled before-hand with necessities so you aren't scrambling around when it's time to leave. It's a HUGE time {and sanity}-saver.

Amy said...

I think baskets are every mom's best friends, but I also use huge colorful hat boxes to store the {massive} amounts of artwork that come home. I don't save everything, but what I do save, I keep in these boxes at the top of the closets. Organizing is a FT job around here! ;-)

Beth said...

we keep a big basket at the front door for shoes. it keeps the clutter down and encourages everyone to take their shoes off before coming all the way in!

Tanya said...

I think the best organizational tip I have is one I learned from :)
A basket at the front door for flip flops in the summer and hats, mitts and scarfs in the never-ending winter ;)
Thanks for the cute giveaway!

Kelly said...

Not very organized around here, but working on it! I just made a change in the pantry to put the kids snacks I want them to eat on the bottom shelf, easy for them to get, not on the third shelf where it was easy for me to get. They are making good choices! It's a start!

Andrea said...

Very cute, my best tip is having a small trash can in the garage so I can toss out as much stuff as possible then it dosent even go in the house. Keeoing my fingers crossed.


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