Monday, November 15, 2010

To All My Fellow Peanut Butter Cookie Snobs

I am not snobby about many things in life.
At all.
I am very open to a huge variety of different things.
It’s rare for me to be picky about colors, music, clothes, and even food.
I think, to each is own. Don’t judge.

However, there is one thing I am very picky about.
Peanut Butter Cookies.

Over the years, I have searched high and low to find the best peanut butter cookie recipe ever, but time after time, I am disappointed.
I often feel like Goldilocks….
Too crunchy. I like them a bit on the chewy side.
Too fluffy. I like them ultra dense.
Too small. I like them rather large.

peanut butter cookies

But after trying a husband’s co-worker’s recipe last night, I think I’ve found my new favorite recipe.
They are super moist, chewy and dense.
Or as Goldilocks would say, Juuuuust right. 
And also very addicting.  

Something I know a thing or two about after visiting my hollas last December for our first ever Project 320 get-together.

We found ourselves addictively inhaling several appetizers and desserts throughout the weekend.  Soon after, the code word “crack” was appropriately given post-recipe name.
Blue Cheese Crack, French Toast Crack, Toffee Crack, Crispy Crack and Corn Crack just to name a few. 

I am pretty confident that these peanut butter cookies will, from now on, be known to me as Peanut Butter Cookie Crack.

And do you want to know the best part about this crack?
There are only THREE ingredients. 
I couldn’t believe it either.  
When I initially read the recipe I saw peanut butter, one egg and granulated sugar.
I thought to myself, no flour?
I’ve never heard of such a thing. I was skeptical.

But when I took them out of the oven, I knew I found my long lost peanut butter love.
Peanut Butter Cookie Crack, to be exact.
Here are the directions…..

Peanut Butter Cookie Crack 
1 cup of creamy peanut butter
1 egg
1/2 cup of granulated sugar
the end.

Combine these three ingredients really well.
Form into approximately 15 balls.
Place on ungreased cookie sheet.
Smash down with fork in opposite directions.
Bake at 325 degrees for 15 minutes.

Now go and make some crack of your own.
Tell me if you love them as much as I do.


TwoDogMama said...

I have that same recipe cut out of the Post-Dispatch many years ago. It is by far the best. Trust me I have tried many too. And of course so easy!

Amy said...

Uh oh! I do have these three things, of course...preheating oven NOW! ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

This is the best thing I have EVER heard of. Three ingredients. Soft peanut butter cookies. I am trying these tomorrow.

Tanya @ Life in 3D said...

I was hoping as soon as I started reading that you were going to mention this recipe..(if you didn't I was going to tell you about it)!!
It's the only pb cookie recipe I perfect.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I too, am a cookie snob. Big time.
This recipe looks amazing....3 ingredients?!?! Awesomeness. Making them tomorrow!!!
Holla for Peanut Butter Crack!

TDM Wendy said...

Oh my goodness!!! Only 3 ingredients cookies? I thought those only existed in heaven!

Candice said...

WOW I made these last night, I added chopped peanuts because my husband likes them, but just so you know I would have left them plain because I am like you a cookie snob! thanks for sharing!

Melanie Baby said...

Great! I should bake some of this and add some chocolate syrup or some cream cheese frosting to make it yummier for my kids. Thanks a lot for sharing this one.

Melanie Giant said...

Simple but looks and taste so great. Better bake some for our Christmas Gift giving for the kids in the orphanage. Thanks for the idea.


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