Wednesday, November 10, 2010


pink lemondade

Today I chugged this instead of my typical homemade latte. 
Yummy refreshing pink lemonade Spark.
Just what the doctor ordered for this slothish Momma trying to get back to feeling 100% after a few weeks of sickness.

pink lemondade spark2

One of my sweet clients, Selena, Momma to Mason who I care for during the day, brought over a big box of this AdvoCare Spark and I can’t thank her enough for her thoughtfulness.

Even though I feel like I am cheating on my coffee machine, I must say, I’m in love.

It has 21 Vitamins & Nutrients, NO SUGAR and will give you the focus and energy you need to get your day started.
Also, for every Pink Lemonade SPARK sold $1 will be donated to the Brees Dream Foundation, helping to fight cancer and education for children.

drew brees

Do you drink this?
Do you want to?
Because I can totally hook you up.
Just say the word.

Happy Wednesday!


Andrea said...

We love spark I had a close friend who worked in the actual distributon center and gave us a ton now she has moved and we are coming to the end of our stash I would love to know if your friend sells out of state.Or can recommend a person near by Im in Dallas.

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