Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Did I Not Know About This?

My three girls are the happiest two, four and six year olds on the planet today.
Why you ask?
It is all because of my recent discovery of a magical thing called
Free YouTube to mp3 Converter.

It’s crazy awesome for this music loving Haus of Girls. 
Instead of racking up tons of i-tunes fees downloading all the *special* songs your three daughters love to sing all day long, you can just convert the YouTube video into an audio mp3 file.

Yes, you heard me correctly.
And it’s crazy easy if I can figure it out.
On my own.
Last night at midnight.

We recently watched Barbie a Fashion Fairytale and let me tell you, the jams are real catchy. Even I wanted these songs.
I could only find one on i-tunes, so I purchased.
I was not satisfied with the single tune.
That would not a cd make for our six kid-filled Suburban trips to school every morning. So after researching, while simultaneously ordering a billion yards of ribbon so I can create tons of fun bows for the local high school dance team per the owner of the girls’ dance studio requests, I stumbled upon


{Dance party in action. Yes Gracie is still in her jammies.}

It has perked up this sick mom’s spirits and we have already had numerous dance parties today. I even converted some fun stories that the girls and I love like Goodnight Moon (I adore Susan Sarandon's narration) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, to the fantastic, makes me cry every single time Edelweiss from the Sound of Music.
Christopher Plummer’s version is my obvious favorite.  

This new discovery will be such a fun way to introduce some of my favorites to them during the day or on our trips to school. Since YouTube has so many movies and clips from just about anything, a simple click to convert it to a file that I can just burn onto a cd makes this mom happy. And I bet it will made you very happy as well! The possibilities are endless.

I know what you are thinking, “Gosh, that Marta is so kind to share such a fun find. How can I ever thank her?”

Well, I have just the way. 
Do you remember how l
ast year together with the help of donations from talented and generous artisans and crafters we


charity water

You helped give two communities access to clean water.
To life.
To hope.
To a future.
Let's do it again.

By joining together our hearts, our passions and our talents, we together accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.

Want to join in?
Stop by

And email us at
project320blog {@} gmail dot com if you’d like to help by donating something.

Lets change the world together.


Two Little Tots said...

i have to check this out...we have dance parties all of the time...the girls love them!

Maria said...

sounds fabulous. wish it worked on macs though!

Anonymous said...

we are trying it out now!! thanks so much!


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