Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Randomness

What do you get….


when you mix these three crazy girls…..


with some post-Christmas decorating celebratory Junior Mints?


A sweet princess jammy wearing Russian hockey player.

We are back in full swing here at Haus of Girls after a very long, yet much needed, Thanksgiving break.

I did lots o’ sewing for my first craft fair coming up this Saturday….



and also just for fun…..


I made Sophie some fun ruffle leggings….


and a gift for a friend’s sister’s new baby.


And I was even also able to finish, after finally narrowing down some cute fabric and receiving the cuteness in the mail, my girls’ three Christmas dresses.
Just in time for Santa’s visit next Saturday!


I may or may not have gotten breakfast in bed on Thanksgiving morning.


I don’t know who was more excited, me or these two.


We decorated, like I mentioned above, but Gracie also became an even more intense hoarder with a few new items.
Can you say “cow hat?”
It’s really a Dalmatian print, but she thinks it’s cow.
I am not correcting her anytime soon.


The tree all a glow.


We also fit in a road trip to my sister Haley’s house on Saturday to celebrate her husband’s father Frank’s 70th birthday!
It was a fun night filled with cakebread and cake.

December begins in just two days.
My favorite time of year is upon us.
Let the memory making fun begin……


Kat said...

You should have named this post "Cutie Cuteness!" Love the "Russian Hockey" player reference... being Canadian, I can alway appreciate a good hockey joke!!! Hahahaha! Love it. Sophie's ruffle pants are adorable! Your tree looks fabulous too. All kinds of fun and happiness all wrapped up in one post. Seeing pictures of your three sweet girls kind of makes me want one more...

Tanya said...

Being Canadian also I giggled at the hockey player comment ;)
I'm overcome with cuteness at the ruffle leggings...adorable!

Kyla Armstrong said...

Those shirts are so cute!!!


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