Thursday, April 22, 2010

We {heart} Our Earth

Today is Earth Day.
We love us some Earth around here so I whipped
up these cute Earth cookies.

Yea right.
I did not make these.
I wish I did.

But, unfortunately, my spare time is sparse around here.
I am trying to get motivated to pack up the whole family
for another WEEKEND TRIP to watch my sister
Maggie hit a few more BOMBS against Purdue!
(Good thing my bag is still packed from our family trip
two weeks ago..... time saver. I am always thinking ahead.)

What we have decided to do today, however, is
go the extra step to REDUCE our waste.
(We already RECYCLE & REUSE
like it's our job on a daily basis!!)

As a result, it's a DIAPER FREE day for Gracie.
She is rocking it Nudie today.
(Except at nap time, of course, as the amount of laundry I would have to do
would waste too much water and totally defeat the purpose of reducing our diaper waste!!)

Today Gracie is "one with the Earth."
There may be a few accidents to wipe up.
But that's ok.
It's making me focus, yet again, on that special time in a Mommy's life....

Potty Training Time!
Gotta love it.

Gracie is only 22 months old
(but had her first potty success at age 16 months & loves it so far)
so my plan is for her to have a good grasp of the big girl
potty by the time she turns two. And then of course the Potty Fairy.....

but that's for another post!
Until then....

Happy Earth Day to all!


Kimmie said...

I NEED to know about this potty fairy you speak of. My son is 2 (will be 2.5 in May!) and we are SO ready for him to be fully potty trained! He's had a bunch of successful trips, but I need a little bit more motivation...

Erin Burns said...

YES! Please share your Potty knowledge. Cause if you are as successful with it as you are with bedtime, I need some tips!!
Crossing my fingers Wyatt is potty trained by the end of the summer. So far - he could CARE LESS!
Maybe I need a big jar of potty treats! =)

Megan said...

You totally could have pulled off saying those cookies were your own. I would have believed it! Love the nudie. On Monday I did a laundry post and wrote how I wanted to kids to start walking around naked because I was on laundry strike. I think I will now have to tell them that laundry is just too bad for the environment, so naked we shall be!

Good luck to your sister this weekend and have safe travels!

1 Funky Woman said...

Hey that was me that left a comment above as Meg. My google account just wasn't working! Thought you might want to know it was me!

Unknown said...

Too cute! Wow, my little Charlotte is 22 mos, too! What is Gracie's birthday?

Amy said...

How fun to find another mom of three girls in the blogsphere! We have two female dogs, too, but no cat..sadly allergic.

My poor david..once they all hit puberty he checked into how much it would cost to build an apartment in the garage!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Safe travels this weekend, friend!!

Happy earth day, and I would have believed you if you said you'd made those cookies!

Nikki said...

Our recently acquired potty seat looks like a frog. Sadly, I didn't realize how tall it is -- my petite boy can barely straddle the splash guard in front. I try not to laugh when he struggles to sit on it but it's too funny and, of course, cute. Almost as cute as Gracie in that backwards baseball cap :)

Bonni said...

Was blog hopping and found your blog. Your girls are adorable and I LOVE your attitude about life!

Wendy said...

Cute post and cookies! I love the name of your blog! We are a neighborhood of mostly 3's and mostly girl's! We have a son between 2 girls! Potty training...ohhhhhh I remember those days!


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