Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To My Favorite Husband

Happy Birthday to the BEST husband and father ever imaginable.

7 years ago next Monday

You are the BEST husband and Daddy for so many reasons.

You cook.
You clean.
You cut the grass.
You call people I don't want to call.
You clean the garage.
You help me whenever I need it.
You listen when I need to talk.
You watch Real Housewives with me,
and Desperate Housewives,
and Flipping Out,
and several others.

You are caring,
friendly to everyone,
and put 100% into everything you do.

I wish I was more like you in so many ways.
Thank you for being the BEST.
Thank you for....

making jewelry with your girls,

teaching them how to throw,

loving our girls more than life itself,

proudly supporting slumber parties,

kisses galore,

nighttime jump sessions,

ring around the Rosie,

a pocket full of posies,

ashes, ashes,

we all fall down.

Thank you for making sure that me and our girls always feel more important than anything else in this ENTIRE world.

You are our WORLD.


We love you!


Keira and Kayla's Mommy said...

Thanks for making a preggo cry! Daddies with their little girls is the best! Happy Birthday to your hubby!


esther said...

oh how sweet and how you obviously adore your hubby. I too married my best friend (high school sweeetheart) but, Iam 56 so it was a looong time ago and we have 3 wonderful kids oldest 33, and to this day our love for one another is just the same as from the beginning. Keep it alive, now we have 2 grandchildren and I do sit in my rocker and I look back when I gave up my career to stay a home mommy,and if I had to do it over again I would do it the same way. Happy B-Day to hubby and a big hug for you ~ Esther

Unknown said...

What a great birthday tribute! I totally agree with you, the best hubbies have October birthdays! Hope he had a wonderful birthday! Your family is so beautiful, what a blessing!

Unknown said...

Your family is the most loving family! I hope he had a wonderful birthday! October birthdays are wonderful :)


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