Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Taylor Swift,

Thank you so much for being a super awesome and amazingly talented musician and a wonderful role model that my five year old daughter, Mia, can look up to.
She talks about being a singer and guitar player, like you, a lot these days.

She says she can ride a horse pretty well which she feels you do all the time.

She says she has experience signing AUTOGRAPHS like you do.

She says she has DANCE experience like Taylor.

And I feel she has the red carpet POSE down pretty well.

The only thing missing is the ability to play the GUITAR.

She has been practicing a lot, however, on her Hannah Montana guitar.
(She loves her as well!)

My girls watching you on the Today Show ROCKING OUT!

So, Taylor Swift, if you are ever in the area and have a few minutes to show my little Mia a few tips on how to play the guitar, please let me know.

It would pretty much make her year.

(And my other two daughters. And mine.)

Thank you Taylor, for being an inspiration to my three little girls, and several other millions of young girls out there. I think that MUSIC is such a wonderful outlet and I am so thankful that they find comfort in your songs and now aspire to be more musical in their lives.

I can only hope that Mia continues to LOVE music and sing your songs while PRETENDING to play the guitar.

Hopefully, one day, she will be able to actually PLAY the guitar just like you.


Liz said...

Your daughter is so cute! Future Taylor Swift! :)

Four Fit Sisters said...

Taylor will DEFINITELY be stopping by :)

jonahbonah said...

I SO *heart* Taylor too!!!! I live so close to Nashville now...maybe I'll bump into her somewhere...and I'll send her your way! (that is IF I bump into her! haha)

Hey, where are you anyway??? We should SO meet up somewhere!!! I wanna meet some of my blogging girl friends!!!

Fred said...

Encourage Mia. If she learns to play it will give her a lifetime of pleasure and comfort in good and troublesome times. My own parents encouraged me, I have been playing for over half a century. Look into having her take guitar lessons and buy her a good guitar. Believe me, the expense will be paid a hundred fold when she plays her first song for you. The good Lord plants seeds in us all, it's up to us as parents to nurture our kids,my parents did that for me and my music, and it has been such a blessing. You may have the next Taylor Swift in Mia.


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