Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our First ER Experience

with any of our girls,
was this past Tuesday.

Our little Gracie had to be admitted due to the scary
combination of the flu and pneumonia.
It was a LONG, ROUGH day.

After an X-Ray was taken of her lungs, the doctor saw a lot of fluid.
This resulted in the call directing me to get her into the ER
right away.

All day, she screamed when anyone got near her.
I held her from 9 am until she went to bed that night at 9 pm.
When she had to get an IV I thought I would loose. it.
But, oddly enough, I am very tough during stressful situations.
As a mom, you have no choice.
If you crumble what choice do you give your children?

Gracie finally tuckered out and got a little nap in.

(Good thing I brought DUCKIE because she held it..


After they gave her some fluids and a round of antibiotics,
we were able to take her home.

We were so relieved since they initially said
she may have to stay the night.

My entire day was a scary whirlwind of the unknown.

I didn't know whether to even take her in to see the pediatrician or not.
I am so glad I did.

I didn't know if it was really serious.
It was.

I didn't know how fast your life can turn from
the normal routine to sitting in an exam room,

to going to the radiologist,
to driving your baby to the ER,
to sitting in there waiting,
listening to other children crying,
to hoping and praying,
to thinking this would never happen to your baby,
to being thankful for all my family's health
and happiness,

to NEVER being able to imagine all the moms who do this on a
REGULAR basis.

I commend them all.

I have learned to be even MORE thankful for my health,
my children's health,
my family's health.

I hope you all take care of your little ones.

And stay healthy this flu season!


Unknown said...

Poor baby girl! Hope she is better soon!

Four Fit Sisters said...

We love you baby Gracie! Glad you are getting better soon. Ella can't wait to play with you this weekend :)

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

SO scary - I cannot even imagine. Keeping Gracie in our prayers. I hope she's feeling much better now!!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Wow, so scary! So sad to see her in that hospital bed with the iv. I am glad she is home & I will continue praying for a full recovery!

Brittany said...

Hi, I'm newer to your blog. Just wanted to say how very sorry I am you had to deal with something so scary. And I'm glad she's ok :o)

LauraC said...

So sad to see the twitter pic! Glad she is feeling better but so super scary. I was going to say Nate got his first IV at 10 months and it was horrible but then I remembered they were in NICU for a week when they first born. Most horrible week of my entire life worrying about their health and going through all those medical tests and stress!

Hope everyone else in your family stays well!

Scott said...

I'm happy Gracie is okay. It sounds like it was a very traumatic day for her and all of you Marta. With all the flu's and other illnesses around these days it's not easy to keep children healthy. I hope Gracie is back to normal soon and the illness runs its course quickly.


Jess said...

Poor baby, poor mommy! Sending get well prayers your way.


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