Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prom Mom

It is just me, or do any of you other moms feel a little "under dressed" during the routine errands throughout the week?

Basic things like, dropping the kids off at school or popping into the local Target to pick up some goodies?

I mean some of the moms that I see at Preschool are just TOO much.

TOO much makeup, hairspray, and height on their heels.

I just don't get it.

Heels at soccer practice?

No thank you.

I don't even wear heels to go out.

So recently, after several years of coming and going from school, I made up a name for all those moms that look TOO cute to just be dropping off their kids at school so early in the morning.


I really hate them.

Only because I am so jealous.

I mean, I would LOVE to have this funky fun outfit on while dropping off Mia and Sophie.

But, I think people would stare.

I don't think my husband would even recognize me if he walked in our house after work and saw me in this.

These shoes are fab with this CUTE dress.

But they would make me about 6 foot 8 inches tall.

NOT fab.

I seriously would love some tips on how these Prom Moms do it.

I barely have enough time to put a bra on after getting my 3 year old out of bed, dressed, fed, socks and shoes on, hair done and teeth brushed. THEN helping my 5 year old get dressed, fed, socks and shoes on, hair done and teeth brushed!

Don't forget the other 3 kids I have to feed, wipe down and then get into the 'Burban making it a grand total of 6 munchkins to lift and load.

This leaves very little time in my morning for hair doing for myself, any makeup application whatsoever, or high heel wearing.

How do they do it?

Someone fill me in.

I can't possibly get up an hour earlier to shower, dry my hair, and make myself up.
7 am is PLENTY early for me considering my 1-2 am bedtime these days.

So I guess I will have to settle for my (camouflage Michigan) hats, tanks and yoga pants during the week.
I can only dream what it may be like to be a PROM MOM.

Maybe when Gracie, my third daughter, is in school I will have the skills needed to obtain glamour at 8 am.

But until then, I will enjoy life happily in my hats, tank tops and flip flops.

At least I am comfortable.
Just not that glamorous.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

This made me LOL. So funny & so true. And, you are rockin' those yoga pants, tank top & hat! Comfort over fashion, right? ;)

My Trendy Tykes said...

Girl please, I don't even have a bra on right now.

Jamie Lynn said...

This is TOO funny! Soooo true! I only have one child and i am never this put together! Love this post!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

While you dream of looking like a Prom Mom, some people dream of just looking like YOU! ahem... ;-)

You are gorgeous.

And seriously, I don't even get a bra on before I take my kids to school. Fortunately I can stay in the car so no one sees me.

BriBedell said...

You have to remember she has a nanny for every one of her children. LOL So she doesn't have to worry about them! Just herself! But I am just hatin'on her too..she looks fab-u-lous for having 3 kids and well so do you!

Unknown said...

Um, hello! You are way more gorgeous than she is! Seriously! You look better than me when I have a "good" day!!

And if I saw a Prom Mom...haha! I would laugh sooo hard! Seriously, who has time like she does?!

David Norvell said...

ha, that's funny. the kids look great =)

LauraC said...

I LOVE the term Prom Mom! My boys are in full-time day care so we get mostly people dressed up in work clothes, but the outfits people wear to sports and other venues crack me up. Why wear something dry-clean only around a bunch of kids?!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? You look fabulous!! My kids are in college, but I remember them saying...no mom, I know that's Bianca's mom...but please...stay...in...the....car....HA HA HA HA!!! Happy Tuesday to you also!!!

Anonymous said...

oh.my.gosh. you would off died laughing when I used to take my kids to school in my pj's 1/2 the time, but you know what it did not matter because my girls looked like a million bucks and not a penny less not to metion their nice lunches {healthy kind} were packed for them, and lots of love in the am. Now that Iam a grandma I have all the time in the world to look fabulous. P.S. you look adorable in your cute attire. What is more important in your life?? hugs~ nana esther

Four Fit Sisters said...

I love Prom Moms!!! (only to make fun of them) I get to laugh at them at school while they drop off their kids :) That's why I became a P.E. teacher...ponytail, sweats and tennis shoes!! I am dressed like you for actual work. P.S. where did you get those hot yoga pants?? Your favorite sister? I knew it. Miss ya

Four Fit Sisters said...

However...I forgot to add...there is nothing better than a FINE looking dad there to drop off or pick up his kids. Man in a suit, but still involved with the kids!! YUMMY. ha ha ha. Is that hypocritical??? Oh well

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

LOL!! This is one of the most hilarious, most spot-on things I've read in a loooong time!! So true, so true! Where I live, it seems like those of us who aren't "Prom Moms" are in the minority. BUT, if I looked like you I'd be perfectly happy!


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