Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goodbye Summer

My husband's parents have the BEST condo right on the LAKE.

A few weeks ago they were ever so gracious enough to allow MY crazy family to enjoy one last weekend of SUMMER fun!

This was the view as we crossed the Dam.

So beautiful.

When we got to the condo the FUN began!

Mia, my sister Haley's daughter Ella, and Sophie, all smiles.


My dad holding little Tyler, Haley's new baby boy.

(Thank goodness my sister's can have boys!)

My sister's Adie and Mags posing.

Me and Maggie on the screened in porch.

Haley and Mags

Trying to dance like our Mom.

The girls enjoying the FRIGID pool.

Adie's little boy, Meade, loved the pool!

Mia finally got on the Wave Runner with Dad.

She is a little OBSESSED.

Maggie and Mia (BFF) enjoying the dock.

Maggie and Mia having a turn!

Maggie, Mia and Me posing on the dock.

My hubby Steve took Maggie out before she attempted to drive for the FIRST TIME.

My dad and mom relaxing on the dock.

Maggie and Haley relaxing in the glorious SUMMER SUN!

Me and Maggie.... the other twins.

(Since Adie and Haley are REAL twins we always call ourselves the other twins!)

Another cute shot of my parents.

I am so sad Summer is coming to an end.

I LIVE for summer.

However, yesterday and and the girls got out the HALLOWEEN decor and it cheered me up a little bit :)

I sure am going to miss you Summer Sunsets.

Come back soon.


jonahbonah said...

so you're already decorating for halloween?? i want to so bad...but, i'm waiting for someone else to do it first! LOL i've been told one shouldn't until oct 1....


Four Fit Sisters said...

Sooooo cute...Where are my copies of these adorable pictures?? I just got denied on the right click. ha ha

Cate O'Malley said...

Looks like a great way to end the summer!


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