Monday, May 11, 2009

A SIMPLE Mother's Day

Most mom's might like a new outfit or purse for Mother's Day.
Or maybe some shiny new jewelry.
Not me.
What did I ask for this Mother's Day?
That's right.
I am a simple kind of girl.
I don't care about THINGS that much.
At least not for myself.
I could care less if I have something cute or new.
I would rather use that money and buy something for the family or the girls.
So this year I wanted homegrown veggies all summer long.
What is better than that?
Here are some fun pictures from the day before Mother's Day 2009.
Sophie loved digging in the dirt.

What a helper!
Taking the dirt to the wheelbarrow with such grace.

Mia and Sophie helping clear out our garden area.

Look at them go!
What's that I hear.... the ICE CREAM MAN!!!!

They HAD to take a "break" to get a treat.

The girls' first purchase from the ice cream man in our new neighborhood!


I asked Sophie to hold it up for a picture and she literally held it UP.

Having a chat garden side.

The girls helping Daddy plant away.

Before picture

After picture.
I love my garden!
Thank you so much Steve, Mia, Sophie and Gracie

Here are a few pics of what my Mother's Day morning looked like.

Mia hit for awhile.

Sophie shagged.

I love action shots!

Mia was so in to playing Frisbee with Dad.

She thought she was a professional "thrower."

After our morning fun we headed to my Grandma V's for a fun filled afternoon with family.

It was a great Mother's Day.

Filled with family.

My girls

(Of course! How could I not be with my girls on Mother's Day!)


Just the way I like things.

The night ended early (amazing for us!) yet the girls still passed out in the car.

They were so exhausted from such a fun day!

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