Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All Aboard!

A few Saturdays ago me and the girls went to watch Daddy's baseball team play.

They won so we are officially good luck!
(He gets no credit as the coach, it was all us!)
We don't get to go to many of his games since they start at 4:15 and the kids I watch don't all leave my house until 5.
Very tough.
But we try to make it when we can.

Here are a few pictures from this particular game.

Mia having a blast.
She LOVES baseball (and softball of course!)

Miss Sophie looking HOT.
The real kind of hot, it was in the 80's.

After the game we headed to a nearby park for a free train ride!
Real steam engines and all.

Before our ride started.
The girls were SO excited!

Daddy held Gracie on his lap up in the front.

I just had to snap this picture.
I loved her little leg dangling down just like the train engineer!

The girls after our three laps were completed.
It was so relaxing, I could have stayed on the train for an hour.

A family shot.
We NEVER get these, but some nice man offered to take it.
Thank you Mr. Stranger Man.

These "Steamers" volunteers hold a fun FREE day of train rides once a month.
If anyone in the area wants the info let me know.
It was such a lovely and fun family Saturday.
Perfect Weather.
Perfect Jimmy John's Subs for lunch.
Perfect behaving kids.
Perfect day.

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