Friday, May 15, 2009

A Bedroom Tour

Today I am giving a little tour of Mia's bedroom.
I love getting to peek inside the lives of other people,
so I decided to let everyone get a peek into ours.
I am pretty nosy by nature.
Maybe nosy isn't the best word....
I am INTERESTED in others' lives by nature.
If you are also, you will enjoy the tour of Mia's Horse Room!
(You may need some sunglasses, as the HOT PINK walls are bright.
Just a warning.)

Mia's cute NEW Horse Quilt and Sham.
I got it on BIDTOPIA.COM for $4.25.

I had to frame this picture Mia drew of me!
It is me with Gracie in my belly.

I LOVE the baby so much.
And check out my teeth!

I had to put this somewhere I would
be able to see everyday.

Mia hanging with one of her 50 horses.

Her cute FEET picture.
She was only about 3 weeks or so when this was taken.

Her wall arrangement.

I am NOT a decorator so if anyone has a better plan let me know.
Wasn't quite sure how to fit all three?!

One is her painting that she die when she was three.
I just LOVE it!

Also, a picture of her riding a beloved horse.

And a cute painted canvas that a Mom of one of
Steve's baseball players made us.
So sweet!

Now, her most FAV item in her room, her RUNNING HORSES.

Can you say ebay?
Only $5!

I put her desk under the dresser where her bed is supposed to go to save some space.

I covered a pin board in Horse Print fabric and she went crazy over it!
She loves to pin random things up there that she saves.
And she saves a lot of random things these days.

And finally, one of my favorite pictures of her reaching through a fence to pet a horse.
This was an outing when Gracie was only a few weeks old and of course while getting
ready to go, Mia decided to try to do some front rolls.
Unfortunately she pulled some neck muscles trying to roll
and could only look one way the entire day!
It was miserable.
But luckily this guy cheered her up!
She says she is going to be a VET-RA-NARIN when she grows up.
This is what I always said I wanted to be (see she really is my clone!) so I would love to see her make her dream come true!
Thanks for stopping by for a little Horse Bedroom Tour!
More rooms to come!

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What a perfect room!!

I love seeing peeks of other people's homes. :)


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