Thursday, April 2, 2009


Apparently, I have a clone. Her name is Mia.
Do we really look that much alike?
Well, from what I am told, we ACT a lot alike.
After you check out the pics below, you may notice she has a natural instinct to POSE and MODEL....(I also pretend to be a great photographer.) But I myself have always dreamed about being a model. I think it's becasue I have always been TALL. I really wanted to use God's gift to it's full potential............
However, I learned that you must posess many other qualities, besides just being tall, in order to be a model. :)
I never really did posess any of those. For example, being small enough to actually fit into the clothes that I would be modeling. HA! I have never been a size 2.

So, in the spirit of Mia and how for 4 1/2 years people have told me that she's my clone, I thought I would tell a funny story from this past weekend.
Steve and I were enoying a night out at a Blues Hockey Game. Suite and everything. My mom had my three girls. I received a call halfway through the night from my parents and I answered.
All my dad said when I answered was "Mia is really FREAKING OUT."
He never really says FREAKING OUT so I was a little baffled. I knew that Mia must have said this and I just started laughing hysterically.
I find out that her earring flew out of her ear as she was trying to get her necklace off in the bathroom. Mimo and her frantically looked for her favorite earring. Mia was sure that it fell into the toilet! Well, it didn't. They found it and everything was back to normal.
She came downstairs and was telling my sister Adie the whole story. I gues her exact phrase went something like this, "Yea, I thought it went in the toilet. I was really FREAKING OUT."
Coming from a 4 1/2 year old this is pretty funny. This story made me realize just how much they learn from us as their parents. I never knew how much I say "freaking out."
But apparently I say it a lot. And now so does Mia... my little clone. She does act like me I guess. I know why. Kids really do LEARN FROM EXAMPLE, NOT BY WHAT YOU TELL THEM! No matter what you want them to healthy, be kind, be polite.... they really will only do as you do, not as you say. Just a great lesson to keep you, as a parent, living your life for your kids and trying to be the best Mom you can be.
It takes a lot of work, but it is so worth it. I am so proud of my little Mia. She is such a big girl and even though she has my tendency to FREAK OUT, I am glad I have taught her that it's ok to be herself and be proud of who she is no matter what.

And, sorry for the delay, (the past few days have been super busy filled with kids getting over colds and too many dishes and loads of laundry to catch up on) but the winners of one of my FUNKY FELT FLOWERS are......
I drew two names because I was SO SLOW in posting this!
Congrats! Just message me your address and I will get them in the mail for you!
Thanks so much to all for entered!


Lucky Irish Gal said...

Whoo! I won something! My little Lorelei will love it. Now I just have to figure out how to keep her from pulling it out of her hair.

jonahbonah said...

aw man...i didn't win....oh well.

your little girl is SO cute!!! that second picture of her posing is great!

i love that the on e picture says the year is 2037!!!!


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