Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Road Trip

We must be good luck.
Maggie's first at bat she hit a HOME RUN!
Maybe it was the crazy Michigan Bows I made all the girls?
No, that's not it.
She is just so STELLAR!

Hales, Mia and Mimo Cheering for Mags

Sophie and Gracie getting ready for game time.

Little Gracie all smiles (smirks).

Tailgating at the University of Illinois.

Before the game.
Go number 15!

Mags and Sophie cheering on their Aunt Mags
"Go MAGS!" Is their favorite cheer!

Little Meade-boy and (my sister) Mommy Adie.

Before the HOME RUN (See why I need an new camera?)

After the HOME RUN!
We had such a fun road trip to U of I to see my youngest sister play two games. It was so worth the potty breaks, back seat quarrels, diet coke overdoses, making a bottle while driving, etc etc.
I wish my hubby Steve could have joined us but he was coaching and had two games of his own.
I braved the trip with three girls under four alone and am so glad I did.
It was so much fun (minus the rain) staying in the neatest cabin (next to serial killers) I have ever seen. Every bathroom had a huge jet tub, flat screens in every room, farm acreage for miles, horses for Mia to stalk, and just an awesome place to go hang out for the weekend with my family. I wish Maggie could have stayed with us too.
Can't wait to make another trip soon to watch her play.
Mia is already practicing her chants..."KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL MAGS!"

This was one of the last pics at the game. Someone took this when I was making one of the 25 trips to the bathroom.

Gracie was sick of being in the rain so I trapped her in the stroller and, thanks to Aunt Adie, we had some umbrella protection. THANK YOU!

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Lucky Irish Gal said...

Yay Team! I really do not get into sports but I love to watch loved ones play them. I bet it was a great trip.


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