Monday, April 9, 2012

Random Monday Night Thoughts….

I miss posting here on Haus of Girls.
However, since I recently fell in love with Instagram I have realized that I don’t take the time to post here as much.
I keep up with all my faves on there and, in all honesty, this mama needs a laptop.  That would solve a lot of problems.  A lot of rich people problems…
But when I flip through my old blog posts, like this one, I remember why it is so important to make the time to post and how special it is to document the fun we are having.


Mommy spy cam report:  my mini me is such a reader these days.
I can always find her hiding out in her horseland bedroom reading away.
I love this.



See what I mean.  A relaxing post-school afternoon chill out session with mom…. to my right you have Mia’s nose in a book and to my left you have Sophia applying some of her new favorite make-up.  Haus of Girls to the max.


This crazy critter is getting a wee bit too old for my liking.
Seriously she looks six and a half.  
But  she’s a teeny tiny three year old and against all my will I am forced to look reality in the eye and plan her fourth birthday party soon…..

Beach party, to be exact. Because there are so many beaches her in the Midwest.



I’m thankful that this three year old still likes to wear undies on her head.
Who needs a hat when you have clean undies?

gussy love trampoline

Last week we entered  our very first photo contest over here at Haus of Girls.
It’s for the New Face of Purina.  Just a girl and her dog…. do you think this is a winner?

mia gussy and strini close up

What about this cute shot? Trampoline dogs are pretty fun I think.


gussy love

But this one was my fave.
The original plan was that both Gussy and Strini would be kissing Mia, however Strini was acting as if we were asking her to jump off the top of the arch when we attempted to hoist her up onto the bench and lick peanut butter off Mia’s cheek. 

Hence the one dog kiss. 
Wish us luck!



Random note to all moms.  Do not every purchase Moxie Girlz magic glitter snow.
It’s evil I tell ya.  I’m still cleaning this stuff up and it’s been weeks.

And to wrap the inspiring post up I will leave you with a smile and a glimpse at what a cool aunt looks like.
I found these old photos on my sister Maggie’s Facebook page and wanted to see if any Haus of Girls readers could guess what face and emotion they are demonstrating in each one.

But, then I decided I wanted to share now. 
They are so cute!
Mia was five I believe…


annoyed.                                                                    “cheese.”

m-coughingm-kiss face

coughing.                                                                   kiss face.


mad.                                                                                scared.


serious.                                                                         shocked.

m-smilesm-what stinks

smiles.                                                                        what stinks?


I mean….. the cutest thing ever. 
My girls are so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful and fun family.

Thanks for stopping in and have a great week!

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Jess said...

What book series is Mia into right now? It seems like she and Ava have a lot in common but I can't seem to find a good series for Ava right now.


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