Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A 30th Surprise Birthday Party x 2


My favorite twin sisters turned 30 on March 8th.
So my parents and I , along with Maggie, the youngest of us four sisters, plotted to surprise them, double time.
It was sooooo tough.  I found myself putting them on all the sneaky mass text messages, remembering, just in the nick of time, to remove them before hitting send.

twins party1

All the drama and sneaky stress was totally worth it.
We had the best time celebrating the twins with all of our closest family and friends.

We decided to borrow a friend’s karaoke machine and here Gracie is warming up, pre-party.





Where all the fun will occur.


Pictures strung all over my house along                              The bar.
with chocolate covered pretzel sticks, obvees.


More cute photos.


The cake pops and polka dots.                                              Ready for some fun!



I cut out tons of circles and sewed them into garland and obnoxiously hung it all over my house.


See?                                                                                           And thanks to Julie, I mastered this easy, yet adorable,
                                                                                                     fabric bunting.  Steve bought all the fabric one night
                                                                                                     after baseball practice.  Pretty cute, huh?!




Fabric tablecloths are easy………flowers delivered to my door the day of the party……. and more circles.


yay!                                                                                              Of course my cute Aunt Pat would give them the
                                                                                                      cutest shirts to wear all night.

twins party2twins party3

The cheesecake? Out of control.                                       Initial cups from Kelly.  So fun!
One chocolate covered strawberry and one
cookie dough.  Yes, I said cookie dough.
Run don’t walk to my friend Stephanie’s Facebook
page and order one…. or two or three.
They are that good.

twins party4

Cute girls.

twins party7

Mom and her four {old} daughters.


twins party5

Followed by hysterical laughter at my dad’s rendition of a fabulous song….

twins party6

trying not to pee my pants.

twins party8twins party9

Serious singers.                                                                              “I Got You, Babe.”

twins party11twins party12

My dad and all his “sons.”                                                     Um, Mariah called and wants her waving fingers back.

twins party13twins party14

Elvis?                                                                                              My dad and his brothers, rocking it out.


The final shot of the night.
Says it all.
Grown women performing a choreographed dance to LMFAO.

One of the best nights ever.

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