Wednesday, December 7, 2011

‘Tis the Season


For building a well.
Who is ready to help us do this again?

Just like last year, you can enter any of the amazing giveaway bundles that we will have next week by donating $10 to our Project 320 Well.
For every $10 donated, you can enter once to win any of the bundles. 
So one comment = one entry.
Get it? Easy peasy. 

Let’s do this.

I will have a fun little bundle next week that I’m pretty sure every single one of you will want to win.
It will be filled with clutches, zipper pouch wallets, dresses, Starbucks, rosette earrings and more!

Until then, here’s a little Christmas cheer from Haus of Girls.
Gracie Lou, brilliantly performing a rendition of Jingle Bells in her very own unique  sing-mumble fashion.


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