Friday, March 26, 2010

My Sister Maggie is 22!

Happy Birthday to my most favorite non-twin sister,
A very fun year if I remember correctly.
Enjoy every minute!

Here is Maggie back in 1990.
Is she not the cutest 2.5 year old you have ever laid eyes on?
(Don't be jealous of how cute me and my other two sisters, the dice,
were as well....
My mom was SO creative.
Dice & jailbirds.
The. Best. Ideas. Ever.
Make a note for next year.
My friend Julie was my jailbird buddy and her brother Aaron was a devil.
The good old days!)

I remember, like it was yesterday, being in Mrs. Clifton's 3rd grade
classroom when the announcement came over the intercom system.
"We want to congratulate Marta on her brand new baby sister!"
That was March 20, 1988.
Time flies....

Here she is in her USA jersey last year.

Signing some autographs after a home game.

Giving Mia a hug after a game.
(Mia adores her and wants to be just like Maggie one day!)

Maggie with some fans in Venezuela.

Celebrating the 4th of July back in 2008!

Even though Maggie has been gone a lot during my girls' lives,
it seems like she has been there for everything.
When I was looking through pictures, she is in so many!

Like in this one....
Mia's 4th birthday day.
We went to lunch at Lion's Choice & we on our way to the Magic House!

Gracie may or may not think she is her other mom.

And she teaches Mia how to *model* like a superstar.

Maggie is the greatest sister ever and I know I can tell her anything.
She always gives me advice, even though I am 8 years older than her.
She is funny, kind and the most spoiled of ALL of us sisters.

Mags & her cute boyfriend, Austin.
(My girls may or may not LOVE him like a second dad.)

Here is a recent pic of a trip me and the twins took to visit Maggie up in Michigan.

This is her last year and we are all so proud of all of her accomplishments!
We can't wait to watch her final season games as she finishes her softball career!
Go Maggie!

I hope you had the BEST birthday ever!


Carrie said...

Love the photo of her with the kids and the drinks!

BriBedell said...

You sisters are the most beautiful sisters I have ever seen!! I have only ever know another family with all girls (four) just like you! Anyways..I sound really stalkerish..I have two little girls myself and I think your blog is so sweet!


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