Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Mom

Happy Birthday to the best Mom anyone could ever have.
She has taught me the importance of FAMILY
and that it takes precedent over everything else in this world.
Nothing is more meaningful or important.
My Mom and Dad in the 70's.

And here they are last year celebrating my Mom's birthday.

Mimo and Gracie after her baptism.

Mimo and Tyler
(Finally there are a few boys in the mix!)

Last year for my Mom's birthday,
Maggie drove from Michigan and SURPRISED my mom-
MID-POSE, she snuck up from behind her during this picture!

I caught her super SURPRISED look!

A closer look :)

One of our family trips (without kids) to Michigan.
Maggie, Mom & Haley
We were on the way to watch Austin's, Maggie's boyfriend, last home football game.
It was a bit on the cold side so everyone was all bundled up!

Hot Mimo posing with Gracie this past Halloween.
She was Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife.
(Gracie was a bit weary of her balloons)

Maggie and Mimo this past Thanksgiving.
Major Models.

A family shot with just us girls & dad.

Another with the hubbies.

In celebration of our Mom, here is a fun picture of
Haley and Maggie imitating her dancing style!!

Growing up my mom put her four daughters first.
Everything in her life revolved around us.
Because of this, I value what is most important in my life.
My three girls.
I will always put them first just like my Mom did with us!

Girls Club, for Real.
For Life.
Happy Birthday Mom!
Thank you for all you do for us!
We love you!

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Melissa said...

Your parents must have had their hands full with all of you beautiful girls!! Such a sweet post about your mom!


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