Friday, December 18, 2009

DIY Oriental Trading Co. Gift Bags

This is Mia's first year in a REAL school,
ALL day long,
with a bus driver,
art teacher,
PE teacher,
music teacher,
library teacher
and more!

I had no idea what to get all these important people for Christmas.

So, I thought it would be fun to make my own version of the cute
Oriental Trading Company gift bags I saw on their website.

All you will need is:
Sandwich bags.
Cute Christmas paper.
A stapler.
Hole Puncher
Your choice of treat!

How fun are these?
And so super simple.

Add your treats to the bag.
Fold a piece of fun Christmas paper at the top.
Staple the paper onto the bag.
Add a small piece of paper as the gift tag with ribbon.

Now, write something fun like "Hope your Christmas if filled with JOY!"

(I thought it was cute given my treats were Almond Joy.)
I try.

Mia had so much fun prancing around her school passing out these special little gifts! She was so proud of herself for putting a smile on the faces of the people she looks up to and respects so much!


The cotton bags said...

I have recently get a reusable gift wrap bag from . It is very cute bag. They are giving these kinds of promotional bags to aware people about environmental drawbacks

Jill said...

LOOOVE this idea!!! definately going to borrow! :) and love the necklace below too!!!


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