Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Baby Mia is 5 Years Old!

Once upon a time there was a VERY pregnant Marta who thought lounging by the pool in a bikini was the norm.

5 weeks before Mia arrived.
Don't be JEALOUS of my hot body!


On July 8, 2004 out came the most PERFECT little girl in the world!

3.5 weeks early.
Mia Adeleigh
6 pounds 4 ounces.

Look at those cute feet!

She was so PERFECT in every way.

She slept, ate, and was ALWAYS content and happy.

Mia wearing an outfit that was mine when I was a baby.

Glad my mom kept it!
All three of my girls wore it.

Mia' FIRST Birthday Party!

(I was pregnant with Sophie and didn't even know yet!)

A few weeks before she turned 2!

Love this face she is making :)

Mia's 3rd Birthday at Six Flags!

Her first day of school!

Her 4th Birthday Party!

And yesterday...her 5th Birthday at the water park!

Total Bliss...

Because of you, Mia, our lives are so much happier and meaningful.

You are the most kind hearted loving little girl in the world.

Thank you for teaching us how to love like never before.

Happy 5th Birthday to our Mimi!


Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest post! Happy Birthday to your Mia!! Oh, and I would love to look that good in a bikini even when I'm NOT pregnant!

Erin Burns said...

Cute, sweet post. Happy Birthday Mia! One whole hand old is BIG news!! Marta - I seriously had to look twice to even tell you were preggers in that first photo! Rockstar =)

Lucky Irish Gal said...

I must say I am envious of your preggers bikini body. You get the hot mom award.

Mia was a gorgeous baby and is a gorgeous young lady.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Mia! Love all the pictures...crazy how quickly time flies by isn't it?!

And I could only WISH I looked that good in a bikini--pregnant or not! You totally rocked the bikini, girlfriend :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Mia. How sweet to reflect on the journey that started with pregnancy and showing the ages alomn ghte way. She is a real cutie. And she has a hot mama!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful Mia! What a sweet pea! And, hats off to YOU, Marta, for looking so very glam poolside . . . I love, love, love being the mommy to three sisters -- what a blessing. (And, for that code, Marta, -- thank you!)

Spearmint Baby said...

so cute! what a beautiful family!!

Anonymous said...

{{Love Mia's Cuteness!!}}. How funny is it that I am also a Mia with a birthday in July! Come check out my blog for my birthday post!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Happy Birthday, Mia! (And I *am* jealous of your body!!) ;)


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