Monday, July 6, 2009

{*My Little Firecrackers*}

We had a WONDERFUL 4th of July!
Look at my FIRECRACKERS ready to go.... tattoos and all!
I made them these flip flops to wear!
Mommy and her girls POSE before leaving for the day.

We spent the day at my uncle's gorgeous property!
The girls didn't want to leave.
They loved this trampoline (one of two) overlooking the lake.
Gracie and Mommy

They even had a baby DEER!
How awesome is that?!
Mia and Sophie were obsessed with petting BAMBI.

How cute!

Sparkler time!

Mia's turn.

Thanks to my fabulous hubby, Steve, I got a few {Mommy and Girls} shots.

I NEVER get these because I am always the one with the camera!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!


Lucky Irish Gal said...

Such a beautiful picture of you four.

Candice said...

You and your girls are so beautiful! I love the bows and the flip flops, they look like little sparklers!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

What a beautiful family!! And how lucky to get to play with a baby deer!

leah sauser said...

just stumbeled across your blog! your girls are so cute!- leah

kadler said...

Your little girls are so adorable! Happy fourth :)

Linda said...

Beautiful pictures. What a wonderful day you all had! Being the mom to three precious girls as well, I know how rare it is to be in front of the camera. Great memories to treasure! :)

SoSoBella said...

cute pictures. looks like you had a great time. the girls look darling :O) love to see the Mommy in the pictures. great shot :O)


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