Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Am No Martha Stewart...{Tip #2}

...but I do HATE shoes all over my floor!

There is NOTHING worse, in my opinion, than walking into my house & tripping all over the girls' shoes (as well as my husband's).

I don't know how other moms survive without my second {I Am No Martha Stewart} tip..


I got this PRICELESS piece, before I even had kids, from Pier 1.

I saw the vision then.

"This would be PERFECT for all the little shoes when I have kids!"

What a life saver it has been. We put it right by our front door and our girls and all the kids I watch during the week know to take off their shoes and throw them on in the SHOE BIN.

For the back patio door I solved the shoe issue as well!

I bought this medium size BASKET from Target, the greatest place on Earth.

My girls come in from playing in the backyard and throw their flip flops or crocs in there!

Easy as PIE! And so WORTH not having all the little shoes all over my floor!

The back door shoe basket is great for the mobility factor.

In the Winter when we aren't going in and out of the back door very often, I will stick this shoe basket in the laundry room to get it out of the way. Not that it takes up too much room, but if we aren't using it that much it's nice to have the option to put it away for awhile.

I hope these SHOE BIN tips will help you in your home.

If you are anything like me and HATE stepping & tripping all over shoes go out and buy yourself a shoe BASKET for the back door and some type of {SHOE BIN} for the front door!

I think an antique of some kind with cubbies would work perfectly! That is, if you are an ANTIQUE stalker like me :)

Let me know if you use this tip and I would love to see your {SHOE BIN} pics!


Ashley said...

I love that bin! I need to start looking for one....not for shoes but to keep all my other junk in that I need to return to other parts of the house. It gets so out of hand....I think a shelf bin would make it manageable!

bess said...

I have a shoe bin...however it is empty...the shoes are on the floor next to it. Please help, I am about to scream.


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