Monday, June 29, 2009

I Am No Martha Stewart....

but sometimes I do come up with fun, helpful ideas for the household.

That is what happens when you become a Mom.

You discover thing throughout your day that can help turn your home into a more functional place for adults AND kids.

A cohesive balance is always my goal.

My life right now is all about my girls. I have the REST of my life to have a totally clean, always ORGANIZED home with UN-MARKED WALLS, NO TRAIL of TOYS, Highchairs in the Way, Kids DRAWINGS displayed all over, and FINGERPRINTED everything!

My life, at the moment, is just perfect with all these things. So why not make the most of it and enjoy every minute! This is what I make a point to do each day.

So I have decided to randomly post some {NOT-SO-MARTHA-STEWART} tips I have created along my Mommy Journey. And, I would love it if you could chime in with any of your great ideas!
(I hate those Moms that HOARD all their good ideas and don't share!)

Because I am not NATURALLY creative or gifted in that sense, I need all the help I can get!

I am so envious of those of you who are BORN creative. Those of you who don't have to live the experience to create an idea, rather, the ideas just pops into your head.

You know who you are.

Although I am not claiming to be super creative or fancy, I would still love to share some fun HOUSEHOLD TIPS that I have invented along my way as a wife and Mommy. There are not many, but I will post them randomly in a series I like to call,

{I Am No Martha Stewart....}

Number One:
I quickly realized my TAPE that I was using to hang my girls' artwork on our stainless steel fridge was ruining it.


I can't have a fridge WITHOUT artwork.
It's never going to happen.

So this idea was born.

Just tape (along inside door) a long piece of cute ribbon and let it hang down the front.

Buy some tiny clothespins and clip your picture, artwork, etc (Steve's Half Marathon Number) to the ribbon and VOILA!

No more yucky sticky tape marks on the stainless steel that (I have learned first hand) does NOT come off!

Same concept, but on the cabinet.

So fun! And you don't have to stress about yucky TAPE marks all over the front of everything!

More tips to some soon....

And please let me know some of YOUR great tips!


jonahbonah said...

even Martha would be proud!!!!! I love it! I will be using this idea whn I get to base housing and there are restrictions out the wazoo!!!

My Trendy Tykes said...

Ok, that tip ROCKS!!!!

Ashley said...

That tip is awesome! And of course your aren't Martha..... she has a HUGE staff to come up with her ideas.... you did this all on your own! Even better!

Candice said...

First of all i love the not so martha idea and I cant wait for your next one. Second I LOVE this idea, I will be using it for everything now, thanks so much.

Lucky Irish Gal said...

That is a great idea! I love it. I am currently using magnets but the ribbon looks cleaner. Does that make sense?
Now this is not my idea so I cannot take credit for it. It belongs to my friend Parker. She takes wrapping paper, napkins, card stock, whatever has a pattern or picture that you love and frames it. No one knows that it was not bought that way. You can match any room and spend pennies! I bought several sheets of scrapbook paper for my kiddos rooms. They even sell scrapbook paper frames at Hobby Lobby, Joann's fabric, and Micheal's.

Tommie said...

Ok, I have (now..HAD) the same dilema. This is freaking awesome! Thank you! =)

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Such a fabulous idea!

Linda said...

Very sweet idea! Just love wide pretty ribbon anyway so this gives me one more way of using it. :) I'd love to grab your button and place it on my blog but I can't seem to get it. It is saying "naughty, naughty. no right clicky." Please let me know if there is another way to grab it. Thanks! :)

Amelia Ann said...

Just stumbled on your blog!
I love your style...your music choices are perfect!



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