Wednesday, June 10, 2009

{Preschool Graduation}


I can't even stand it.
Here is Mia before {BEACH DAY} at school.

She is officially a {BIG GIRL} now and will be in school FOREVER, 5 days a week, until she is 17 years old!
Then she will leave me and go away to college {TEAR}

However, she has reassured me SEVERAL times that she will NOT move far away from us.

She will be buying a house in our neighborhood to be close by.

She tells me this once a week.


And, for the record, she wants NO CHILDREN because they are "a lot of work."

I hope she changes her mind.

I really want GRAND KIDS!

Moving on, here are some cute pictures from her {GRADUATION} night.

Aunt Adie and Cousin Meade brought Mia some flowers.

How sweet are they?!

And how cute is Meade? (And Adie of course)

Sophie chugging her 3rd glass of sherbet punch.

Note: Not a great idea when wearing an ivory dress.

Mia with Nana and Papa

Mia with Grandpa and Mimo

And finally, my little {GRADUATE}

I am so proud of my little Mia, yet astonished at the same time.

It is unbelievable that almost {FIVE} years has come and gone.

Flashes of her baby days hit me and stop me in my tracks.

For I will NEVER get those days back.

I hope she always knows how happy she has made me and how much I love her.



Unknown said...

So adorable! I love all the pics--your family is gorgeous!

It's crazy how fast our little ones grow's like time just flies....

PS--my little girl just came up and looked at your blog--she told me "oooohhh! pretty!"

Ashley said...

Oh my....that pic in the cap is gown is too much! They really wear a cap and gown!? I can't wait till my 2-year-old gets there!

D said...

Adorable. So cute that she's going to buy a house in your neighborhood.

Right about now, I wish I had a house in MY parents neighborhood.

Lucky Irish Gal said...

When she graduates from HS get the pic of her in her cap and gown blown up to sit next to her Sr cap/gown pic and throw her a party to show all her friends. It will be payback for all those teenage girl tantrums! Plus how adorable is that?


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