Wednesday, October 3, 2012

41 Miles in October


So did you join me in June for 40 miles in June?
What about 45 miles in July?
Or 42 miles in August?
And how about 44 miles in September?

I hope you did and have loved the feeling of setting goals for yourself and crossing the miles off.
It’s amazing the difference I notice in my attitude, energy and self-esteem when I dedicate an hour a day to my health and fitness. 

Total mind, body and spirit alignment which makes for a more well-rounded wife, mommy and HUMAN.


However, the ballpark nachos I get to scarf once in a while make me pretty well-rounded as well.




So it’s October.
You know what that means. 
Yes, St. Louis Cardinal’s playoff baseball. 
But also, another challenge. 

I am challenging you to run or walk 41 miles in October.


Be accountable by posting your runs or totals on Instagram using the hashtag #41milesinoctober.
It’s so fun to cheer others on along the way and have the support from strangers all over the country. 



So what do you think? Are you in?
Leave me a message letting me know how you will meet the goal of running or walking 41 miles this month!


Lauren Peters Blog said...

I kicked June, July and August's booty. September however was a different story and I blame a week vacay in Florida. October is my redemption month. Being 7+ months preggo makes it a little challenging - but all the more reason to keep on walking. Thanks for hosting this!

Christine said...

I'm in! Walking and running 41 miles can happen in the month of October. Hope my puppy is ready for a few longer walks than usual!

Thanks for the support to get in some extra miles this fall.

Hayley said...

Just found out a out this but I'm in. How come 41?


emeliasmomsboutique said...

Going to hop on board for walking the miles.... :)

lacey said...

im in! im also in Australia so how many kms are there in a mile?? :)


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