Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crazy For Dayzz



My crazy dayzz look like this.


Therefor, you can understand the excitement last Friday night when Steve and I headed out to a wedding at Busch Stadium.


A gorgeous night downtown.


Photo booth fun.


We even brought some Cracker Jacks home for the girls!


And although a night out on the town is fantastic, I wouldn’t trade anything for opportunity to spend my dayzz with all these smiling faces.  I feel truly blessed.



I’ve been a nap time and 1 am worky-cat to keep up with all my bucket orders.
Once again, I feel so blessed. 



Blessed to create these custom favors for some special boy or girls’ birthday party, all while providing for my family from the comfort of my bedroom while chillin’ in my yoga pants. 


I cranked out a few rush orders the past few days and I just love these Spooktacular pumpkin buckets, which are all personalized with each child’s name.  Perfect to collect goodies during all the class parties.


And these polka dot buckets are my new fave.


What’s not my fave? Dropping my NEW $.99 iphone 4 in this giant mug o’ coffee.
Horrible start to one of my dayzz.  Horrible I tell ya!

The good news? It was a $.99 phone.
The bad news? I’m going to be so lost without a phone until I get a new one.
Send Diet Coke….. or candy!


And if no Diet Coke or candy arrive today, I’ll just force Gracie to put this outfit on when she gets home from Preschool and I’ll immediately smile and forget all about my dumb iPhone 4. 

Happy Dayzz to you!

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