Friday, September 14, 2012

to stay at home


i came across the most beautiful quote that made me smile.
it spoke to me perfectly as I’m at a point in my life where the crossroads are splitting into many paths.
next fall all three of my girls will be in school, all day.  and I contemplate a journey of my own for the first time since having children.

do I continue to work from home, care for children, create my fun party favor buckets and pursue my dream of writing a children’s book, or do I venture off on in a new direction and become a teacher like I feel I was meant to be? Being on the same schedule as my girls and husband, who is also a teacher, and having summers off would be my dream life for the next 30 years. 

it’s a big decision as I’ll have to take several years of graduate classes to obtain my master’s in education.  Is it worth all the time and money and student loans?  So much to think about. 

i’m not getting any younger and want to do what’s best for my family.
all I know regarding happiness is being a mommy to these three.


“When one's business is the home, measure success in smiles, pay dividends in laughter, chart revenues with wonder. When others' ventures fail and fumble, yours will flourish. And when you are old and the home is quiet, your butterfly chasers and your dress up dreamers will have a vault of memories that will make them rich.”


any advice or insight is welcomed.

Happy Friday!


April said...

All my kids are in school for the first year ever! I am getting a degree in medical claims and billing. I'm doing all mine from home which has been very nice. I say listen to your heart. You just said that being a teacher and having that schedule would be your dream!! I think that says where your heart wants to go. Keep praying about it. You still have a while to sort it all out. The biggest step for me was saying ok I'm doing this!!! Good luck!! Whatever you decide will be the right choice. :-) ps. I lurk a lot but I love your blog!!

Beth said...

i'm right there with you friend! all the kids are in school, now full time, and i'm doing the photography thing, but i feel like i should be back at 'real' work. i am having a really tough time figuring it all out. i will praying for you that God helps you come to the right decision. one that works for you and your family! {{hugs}}

Unknown said...

I think you answered your own question! Dream job for 30 years? That would totally be worth a few years of grad school, right? I know its a crazy suggestion, but would you be able to teach and go to grad school? Would THAT stress be worth it for a couple years?

I say, however you do it, DO IT! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there will be some upcoming changes for you and your family!
Best wishes :)

Carrie said...

I would go back to school, pursue the teaching degree :)


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