Monday, August 27, 2012

Beach Vacay- Part 2

Beach Vacation 2012 010Beach Vacation 2012 017 - Copy

As you saw in Beach Vacay-part 1 we made our first stop in Mississippi.  But after a few days, we packed up and left our dreamy hotel right on the beach and headed for Alabama.

Beach Vacation 2012 018 - Copy

We arrived to our gated community beach house…..

Beach Vacation 2012 055 - Copy

and almost passed out from the beauty that is this blue house.

Beach Vacation 2012 027 - CopyBeach Vacation 2012 031 - Copy

Gracie couldn’t stop grinning as she hopped from balcony to balcony.

Beach Vacation 2012 054 - CopyBeach Vacation 2012 053 - Copy

Here is the view from the back of our house for the week.

Beach Vacation 2012 052

After un-packing the ‘Burban, we loaded up the bikini clad girls and headed straight to the beach which
was right across the street from our blue house.

Beach Vacation 2012 049Beach Vacation 2012 050Beach Vacation 2012 046

The waves were a bit bigger than they were in Mississippi…

Beach Vacation 2012 041

so the girls immediately transformed into “surfers.”


Beach Vacation 2012 008

A few days in, my girls were in love.

Beach Vacation 2012 010Beach Vacation 2012 011

Since we were staying just a few miles from Florida, we headed there one day.

Beach Vacation 2012 018

And we visited the adorable little Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo another day.

Beach Vacation 2012 022

We were able to get so close to all the animals!

Beach Vacation 2012 026Beach Vacation 2012 032

A few days we found ourselves right smack in the middle of the storm clouds, however the sun always  seemed to shine down on us.  

Beach Vacation 2012 045

Pure joy!


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