Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Recap

I’m baaaaack! Sort of.

What a whirlwind the past few months have been for us!
Between our beloved St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series and my hubby going to almost every home game throughout the series, to planning my sister’s couples costume wedding shower, to spreading joy with the Happy Day project and then finally living it up during my sister Maggie’s actual wedding weekend, it’s been a complete circus. Here, there and everywhere. And I have loved every minute.
And now, it’s almost THANKSGIVING? Seriously?

I want to catch up on some photos from the past few weeks so here we go…


The Day the Cards Became World Champs…. Again:


For game seven of the World Series, my whole family headed downtown to celebrate if they won.
Some of us were actually in the stadium and a few of us were outside pretending to be in.
They won and we had so much fun partying like rock stars (middle-aged ones) with the entire city of St. Louis.

        img_0992 img_0993 img_0995 

The Day of the Couples Shower:


Maggie and Austin kindly took my girls to a park for a few hours so Steve and I could set up for the shower.


And set up we did. Haley made all the desserts like pumpkin shaped peanut butter cookies and mini vanilla wafer sandwiches with peanut butter and banana centers surrounded by sprinkles.
She also made those fabulous candy apples with real sticks from the back yard.
She’s amazing.

img_1015  img_1020

Steve and I were Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf.


Maggie and Austin were Snooki and the Situation.

sisters halloween

Adie was a paper doll and Haley was the Toy Story Barbie.
Such a fun night!


The Happy Day Project:


The girls loved participating in The Happy Day Project.
I mean, really, really loved.
Every morning they would run downstairs to read what our task was for the day.
Since it was the week before Maggie’s wedding, we didn’t quite succeed on all of them, but we did pretty good making so many people smile and feel special.


Fresh baked cookies delivered to some of our favorite neighbors by these three crazy girls.


Handwritten notes to all my faves.

img_1166 img_1178 img_1180

On top of the happy day fun, I helped make some programs, a CARDS holder and some fun hair bling for some super cute flower girls.


We read this book 500 times and broke out the cookie cutters…. and Christmas music.
I love this time of year!

The Rehearsal Dinner:

  img_1224 img_1222

The rehearsal begins.                                                                     My dad, mom, Maggie and Austin listening to this…


This is one of Maggie’s students.
He’s amazing.


Dinner time! 
Maggie and Austin loved the little scrapbook the girls and I made for them.

me and mom rehearsal dinner   Me and my momma.


The Wedding Day:


Salon fun.


I loved my hair so much.
Thank you Elli!

img_1257 img_1260 img_1264

And Gracie loved hers too, all thanks to Aunt Haley’s mad skills.

flower girls

The flower girls all ready to go.

happy couple

The beautiful couple after their I Do’s.

family photo shot at wedding

Family photo, thanks to Hales, after the ceremony.


Taking over Maggie and Austin’s favorite little bar, Chick ‘N Elly’s, after the party bus fun.      
Yes, they have fried Twinkies.                    


Family wedding photos in an old window on the table next to the entrance to the reception hall.



Their guestbook.
Thumbprints along with guest’s signatures on this cute tree Adie drew.  


Wheat centerpieces from Austin’s father’s farm. 

maggie and dad dancing

Father daughter dance. Love.
Also notice the cute wheat boutonniere all the men wore.


Four sisters.
Four married sisters.

 girls and I

Girls rule.
As do the wedding party’s personalized mason jar mugs!


Gracie and her new boyfriend, Bryce.                                    The Michigan groom’s cake made by our friend Erin.


dance floor

Rock concert or wedding reception?


A family tradition.
The “Alligator Dance” to Proud Mary.
Yes, we are rolling on the floor.

steve and I dancing

Steve and I slow dancing like pros.


My parents leading the train throughout the hotel.

cowgirl boots

Maggie’s cute cowgirl boots sparkling like crazy as Austin went in for the garter.

steve and girls dance floor

Late night dance with daddy in their jammies.

white castle crazies

And the perfect ending to a perfect day?
A white castle wedding cake hand crafted by Haley’s hubby, Jimmy.

Claaaaaasic Jimmy.

cake topper pose

The happy couple reenacting the white castle cake topper.

Claaaaaasic Viefhaus family evening full of LAUGHTER, LOVE and MEMORIES.



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Erin Burns said...

Love all these wedding photos!! It looks like it was a fun, family night. I love your family. Reminds me of mine. Big, loud, a little crazy and lot of love!! You looked gorgeous. And love your couple Halloween costumes too. xo


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