Friday, July 29, 2011

Insta-Friday: Bachelorette Party Version


A sneak peek into this Haus of Girls’ week as I prepared to host a fantastic Bachelorette party/weekend for my sister Maggie.  She had several college friends visiting from all over, so we had a massive slumber party extravaganza on Friday and Saturday with a float trip, night out filled with line dancing and even a shower mixed in.  Crazy fun.  Memories made.

These are just a few of the 400+ photos I took so next week I will post the real photos of the entire weekend. 


Maggie’s gift from my mom and I.  A super fun antique table which was the inspiration for the weekend of fun.


One day, in the midst of being a psycho Bachelorette party planner, as well as a caring for about eight kids everyday last week, I was able to sneak in some reading during nap time one day.  It was a cool 100 degrees.  I have never burned so many calories from sweating in my entire life.  All while simply sitting. 


A classic example of our days.  All of the children I care for were picked up, except Lily and Ryker. 
Poor Ryker is all I can say. 
However, I think in a few years he will be wishing he was back in this bikini clad girl-filled room again.


I put my hubby to work.  Painting our bedroom the perfect shade of blue. 


Practicing for the float trip on Saturday…


Another late night dinner after our adventures.  The girls rocking out to Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like a Love Song.”


Writing her new pen pal, Megan, which happens to be this fab lady’s sweet daughter. 


Off to Cali it goes!


Midnight.  Washing vintage china for Maggie’s shower on Sunday.  
The table my mom and I got her inspired an old fashioned, vintage and rustic themed weekend.


Steve slaving away on my birthday present chalkboard for my kitchen. 
Also at midnight. 


A check at the forecast.  The float trip on Saturday will be a hot one!!!


Friday night as we anxiously waited for her friends to arrive, Maggie tried on her cowgirl bride bling my sister Adie made her.  Amazing what some tulle, spray paint and bling can do!


Skinnygirl Margs and the “Bachelorette” tank I got her. 


Yay for friends!  (And lots o’ guacamole!)


Our destination Saturday night was full of cowgirl boots, line dancing and Richard. 


Maggie was serenading by the band.


“I told you so…….!”


Sunday……Happy Birthday to me!
I can’t think of anything more perfect to celebrate my thirty-second (gasp!) birthday than with a fantastic vintage rustic wedding shower with all Maggie’s friends!


One of my favorite gifts were these fun glasses that my mom got me.
I was stalking them at an antique shop a few weeks ago!

Birthday dinner = shrimp and chicken kabobs. 
Best birthday (weekend) yet. 

Join in the fun that is Insta-Friday, and link up all your fun phone pictures with Jeanett!



Anna said...

stopping by from Life Rearranged. :)

Looks like such a fun week, and such a special time with your sister! <3

ragamuffinbeauties said...

So fun, you did an amazing job on the shower/bach weekend! Digging your bday glasses! Happy late bday beautiful friend! XO


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