Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bye Bye Preschool


Sophie poses with her big sis on her last day of Preschool…. ever.


It was beach day so she rocked her SURF tee and side pony, of course.


Mrs. Wheeler, who was also Mia’s preschool teacher for two years, is by far the most kind, loving and wonderful teacher in the entire world.  I am so grateful for all she’s done for my girls and excited that our little Gracie will be in her class next year!



Mommy was strong and did not cry until she got back in her car after dropping her off.



After school we may or may not have gotten a special treat.


And Daddy had flowers sent to her to celebrate!
This girl loves flowers more than anyone I’ve ever met.

I took a few minutes to look back at Mia’s preschool graduation pictures and two years ago our life looked like this…

Mia proudly posing with Aunt Adie, her new baby cousin Meade and her pretty flowers from Adie on her preschool graduation day.

We had a baby…

and Sophie was practically a baby herself at three year old.


This year looked so different, yet similar as Sophie had to wear the same dress that Mia did when she graduated preschool…


Sisters rule.


Nana and Papa rule.


And Mimo rules. 

sophie preschool graduation

I realized, after tonight, that I only have two more years with children at home.
Then it’s gone all day for the rest of their lives.  :(

What will I do with myself?!


SoSoBella said...

cute pictures. such cute girls.
boy, enjoy those 2 years. once they are in school everything changes :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Happy Preschool Graduation! That is so cute they have a ceremony! Our preschool doesn't do that. And, wow...only 2 more years left! ahhhh!!!

Mareike said...

Your girls are really cute! =)

Greetings from Germany


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