Monday, May 9, 2011

Random Recap Randomness


Steve and I had a fun night out at my Brother in Law’s bar, Pinch Penny Pub, last weekend in Carbondale, where we both went to college.  It was Steve’s baseball alumni weekend, however, since I was friends with all his baseball teammates during college as well, it was double the fun catching up with all of our old friends.


This was my view in the bathroom stall.
See how fun it is to be six foot tall?  Wow.


On our way home I couldn’t believe how badly everything was flooding.
I snapped a picture of a field next to the highway.  It looked like a lake. 



I have been busy with some “super” big party favors orders the past few weeks.   It’s nice to be able to make extra grocery/medical bill money from the cozy comfort of my own couch, and I just love creating these fun favors unique to each birthday girl or boy!
So holla at me if you are in the market for some personalized party favor buckets for your next party!
I can create almost any image and design you have in mind. 

Randomly last Friday night, after pulling up to a Whole Foods market to buy Mia some probiotics (for her belly pain due to enduring a 65 day, and counting, stretch of antibiotics to keep her infection free)  she spots a Great Clips.
She says to me, “Mom! A Great Clips!!! Can I please get my hair cut and surprise Daddy!”
Sure enough, we walked in and she decided to chop it off!








See ya later six inches of gorgeous flowing blonde locks!



Gracie’s really been obsessed with our two dogs lately.
Here she is squeezing away on Strini. 
If Strini could talk, I think she would have been saying, “Help me!”



The girls are really into self “photography” these days…



and twirling…


100_3244 100_3253

and posing…



and picking out their own clothes for school. 

Happy Random Monday!


1 Funky Woman said...

Your girls are so darling! I can't believe I've been away so long! And wow she sure had long hair, well it looks darling cut. Love the hat and boots!


Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Love! Your girls are such beauties!!


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