Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Happiest Quack You’ve Ever Seen

If you haven’t noticed in any of the photos I’ve posted in the past few years,  Gracie loves her Ducky.

And after going through some old photos, I realized JUST how much our little Grace loves her.


It all began back in 2009 at her first birthday cupcake party. Her Great Grandma Viefhaus gave Ducky to her as a birthday gift, and she’s been snuggling with her ever since.
Every. single. night.

That was two and a half years ago.
So, as you can imagine, Ducky is a little rough around the edges.

Let’s take a look back at Ducky’s journey.
A “Where’s Waldo” of sorts……

May 2009.
The beginning of their strong bond.


June 2009
The car seat connection.

September 2009
Every night looks like this.

October 2009
Ducky accompanied Gracie for her first hospitalization. Darn that scary pneumonia.
Luckily Ducky was by her side to help with a speedy recovery.

Jan 2010
Once again, car seat love.

February 2010
A snuggle in her “bed” one afternoon.

March 2010
Look who is hanging out of her baby carrier!

March 2010
Watching big sister Sophie sing in her Easter program.

April 2010
A family photo at the top of a water tower.

May 2010
An eight hour trip at night to Michigan to watch Aunt Maggie.

May 2010
A COLD Michigan day at the ballpark.
Ducky cheered quite loud that day if I remember correctly.
Good thing, because Gracie couldn’t see a thing.

June 2010
Her new big girl bed.
An easy transformation when she turned two, all because of Ducky.

After scrolling through all my old photos, I realized that Ducky has been through so much with our family.  She’s been a part of every milestone and memory.
She’s been there for all the happy, sad, scary and confusing times.  
In a way, she is like our fourth daughter.

And a few weeks ago, Gracie welcomed ANOTHER ducky family member with loving arms….

Her first meeting with Ducky number two!

Steve’s mom Barb kindly surprised Gracie with a new, less tattered and worn Ducky.
We surprised her with the new Ducky when she woke up one morning and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

So excited!


Now we have a fifth daughter.
Meet Sleepy Duck.

Thank you so much Nana for making Gracie’s day!
And welcome to the family Sleepy Duck. We think you will fit right in at Haus of Girls. 
We sure hope you like pink!

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Anonymous said...

what a cute little duck!
the big girl bed is soooo cute.
she's so sweet!!


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