Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Well and a Winner


We did it!

project 320 dirty water

We prevented one village from having to see this…

maka village (esther havens)

…or this ever again.

As a result of so many giving and kind people who generously donated their time, money and efforts this year,  one well, and then some, was fully funded.

Hundreds of children will never have to drink another bottle of contaminated, dirty water.

project 320 clean water

So thank you to all who were a part of Project 320 this year!
And thank you to all of my giveaway participants!
Are you ready to see if you’re a winner?
Drum roll……

The randomly selected winner of my bundle is….

Email me and your prizes will be on the way!

project 320 merry christmas

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi! I won your giveaway and I sent you an email on Thursday to I couldn't get the "email me" link to work and that's the only email I could find. If it didn't work please let me know. My email is
Thanks so much! I am very excited!


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