Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sledding in the Fall


What does my crazy family do to entertain six kids on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at my aunt’s house while re-roofing her house?


We get a huge box and put them in it then push them down a big hill. Don’t you?
I bet you will now the next time you are desperate to keep your little ones busy for six hours while the adults do this…..



With the nail gun in hand, my dad, along my cousin’s hubby Tony, tackle some shingles.


I contributed somewhat by picking up this throughout the day.


My sister Adie’s hubby Meade taking a break.


As the kids got more antsy, my dad came to the rescue with the fun idea of box sledding.


I seriously want to be a kid again.


Samantha was not quite sure as she headed down the slope.


Little Meade loved it.


And Gracie’s grin says it all.


Even Mia had fun sledding down the hill.


A quick break to swing….


then the body surfing began.


Mia even stood up and surfed a few times.
I knew that deep down she had a little Cali in her.


After Sophie hijacked my camera she snapped tons of cute shots including this one of Adie and baby boy #2 in her belly.
I’m taking a poll, should she go with another M name to go along with little Meade? Maybe Mason? Or Myles? I say yes to both!



And I end with one of her famous self photos.
I love the breezy hair in the face look.

Have a great Wednesday and happy box sledding to you and your little ones!

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Two Little Tots said...

i say whatever works to keep them happy...looks like they had lots of fun!


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