Tuesday, October 19, 2010




After months of contemplating, Sophie finally mustered up enough courage to walk through the double glass doors at Claire’s to get her ears pierced.

This was her expression when she sat down in the special purple chair and grasped onto Mr. Bear.
A teeny bit scared.


Then she became calm for a few moments.
It seems some nail biting helped.


And then the moment my Sophie has anxiously anticipated!
The ultra-scary “guns” came out and it was over in an instant, even thought it felt like an hour.
(FYI Did you know they do one ear at a time now? Not good.)


(A pre-piercing picture taken at dinner just prior to Sophie’s “let’s do it Mom!”)

Gracie was going to her ears pierced as well, but after witnessing Sophie’s tears and cries, she yelled out loud immediately following the guns, “I don’t want to get earrings anymore!”
The whole shop giggled.


Here is our big girl, Sophie at age 4 1/2, with her very own ear bling.


Here is another  shot of THE earrings.
She picked out some round sparkly, quite big, CZ 14K gold beauties.

The next day was picture day at school (what perfect timing!) so she happened to be in a posing mood.


Two Little Tots said...

what a cutie and so brave! i think i got my ears done at 5...my 5th birthday and the girls have already asked when they can get some earrings!

Tanya said...

adorable! I used to have to pierce ears when I was doing hair...I didn't like it...
You're right it's so much better when they use two guns!
My little pumpkin is almost two and I kinda wish I'd done it when she was tiny..Sophie did great :)

BriBedell said...

So cute! I am a young mom and most people thought I would get my girls ears done at as babies...I didn't even get earrings until I could as for them...so my fifth birthday it was! I still remember being terrified! LOL

Carrie said...

Awww! What a proud coming of age moment! :)


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