Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rodeo Fun!

Yee Haw Everyone!
Every fall our local fire department has a rodeo fundraiser.
Since my mom works at one of the firehouses,
(she does all their accounting)
she helps with the chili booth every year.
Not to mention, she gets to butt in line to get me a tasty fresh FUNNEL CAKE!
Illegal butting in line, yes, but even more YUM.
The girls were extra pumped this year to see all the horses, bulls, cows & calves.
I get teary eyed whenever I actually "watch" the Rodeo so I usually just eat and chat.

In the 'Burban on the way to the RODEO!
My girls LOVE them some Rodeo.
(Mia actually thinks she is a real cowgirls some days....
just sayin')

Sophie posing with Meade in her STELLAR horse sweater.
He would not stop staring at the girls in their hats.

All the kids together & looking!

Gracie loved all the animals in action.

Watching the bulls get ready to rumble.

Me with my cowgirls.

Daddy's turn.
Mia would NOT stop "tippin' her hat"

My and my Gracie girl.

Another cowgirl pose by Mia.

Walking away hand in hand.
I love these moments.


Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Looks like so much fun!! I love Mia tippin' her hat!

chefamily said...

love the hats! Where's your's?


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