Monday, August 24, 2009

Mia's First Day of Kindergarten

The day finally arrived.

Mia's First Day of Kindergarten.

I have been absent from BLOG world for a few days because I am trying to catch up after the chaos of Mia starting school, getting organized with the bus, filling out forms, FREAKING out all while taking care of 6 kids all day.


Anyway, I am back and have TONS of great stories and pictures to share.

On Mia's first day I feel I was really in shock the entire morning. I didn't quite grasp what was happening.

I can NOT possibly have a 5 year old, with a loose tooth, getting ready to hop on a BUS and head off to Kindergarten.

No way!
But I sure did.

Her breakfast of choice for her FIRST day.

PANCAKES of course.

Posing with her backpack before heading down to the bus stop.

Daddy and Mia

Mommy and Mia.
I don't look TEARY eyed at all.... ;)

Kindergarten Kisses!

The shot that makes me tear up even today after having a week and one day to get used to the idea that Miss Mia is a Kindergartner.

I held it together most of the morning and luckily Steve was home later than normal that morning and helped me put her on the bus.
He walked her down to the bus stop.
I couldn't see her.

I heard the bus and saw it pull up. This is when the TEARS just started flowing.
I was actually BAWLING standing on my front porch.

Sophie looked at me and said, "Mommy, stop that!"

I couldn't.

Flashes of her as a baby, learning to walk, singing, swinging, running, laughing hit me at once.
I lost it.
When the bus pulled away I couldn't believe it.
My MiMi was gone for the day..... forever...... until she graduates.


But that is life.

Not always in my control.

I have given her the wings she needs and must let her fly.

I am so proud of you Mia!


forever folding laundry said...

Seriously, you two could not be any cuter!!! Hopefully the second day went off without tears?? :)


My Trendy Tykes said...

Awwww.....Such a BIG GIRL now!!

esther said...

oh...wait until she gets married and your husband gives her away....we did it 3 times. And you would think that maybe just maybe it got a little easier with each girl...oh no I balled and balled at all 3
They do grow up fast...enjoy each and every moment. XoX~


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