Monday, August 31, 2009

Got Elk?

We sure did on my 30th birthday!

Lots and lots of ELK.

We totally hit the jackpot and it was one of the best birthdays ever.

A few minutes after entering the park we found a HUGE Daddy Elk all by himself hanging out down this hill in a super wooded area.

We spied on him as long as we could see him.

The girls LOVED our first ELK spotting of the day :)

We drove around some more looking for the hiding Elk throughout the entire park.

Where are they all at?!


The whole HERD was coming across the street right as we were driving by.

They MUST have known it was my 30th birthday and that my girls were wanting to say hello.

This was one of the BIG daddys.

And several more of his family members.

So we hop out to get a cute pic in front of all our new friends.

Innocent enough.


We freaked them all out and they started RUNNING toward us!

Can you say SCARY?!

I took off to the car with Gracie and Mia and Sophie just screamed as they ran behind me.

Steve said it was so hilarious to see us all scamper :)

Here is the cute little deer we saw later on.

We followed her around for awhile and the girls were, of course, calling her BAMBI.

Such a special and fun day to spend my 30th birthday.

The evening portion was dinner, Mexican, of course :)

Here are my Mom and Dad posing.

Adie and Maggie celebrating with me as well with a few MARGARITAS!

And finally, me and my girlies.

My lovely, giggly girlies.

My birthday party night!

Mommy and Gracie ready for the party to start!

My cake, that Steve forgot to get, and thankfully my favorite Mother in Law went and picked it up at 10 pm for me.

Thank you BARB! You are the best!

Me and Stevie before I blow out the candles.

30 whopping candles.....


Me and my most favorite neighbor, JARGIRL!

My sister Haley feeding little Tyler :)

Ella had so much fun she passed out on the couch.

That is when you know your party was a success!

I will never forget turning 30 and all my friends and family who made it so special.

I got the GREATEST gifts and felt so loved by all!

Thank you so much to everyone who shared my special birthday.

I will cherish the memories forever!


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Happy belated birthday! 30 looks darn good on you. :)

I can't believe you guys got so close to the elk!

Unknown said...

Happy 30th girl!!

What a fun and exciting day!

And I laughed so hard at the stampede of elk...haha! I so would have been screaming, too!

MaranathaMom said...

Happy 30th! What an amazing birthday! And you look so FABULOUS not only for 30 but HELLO! you just had a baby! Good for you, Mama!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Happy 30th! And I love Mia's hat!

Lo said...

Happy birthday!!! I have to ask what park you were at with the elk? We have a park like that near us called Lone Elk Park. Anyway your girls are beautiful and you look great for being 30(I wish I looked that great, LOL

Unknown said...

Looks like a fun time! Happy belated Birthday!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Happy 30th Birthday! Glad you had such a fun birhtday. I had my 30th this wasn't as painful as I thought ;)


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