Friday, March 27, 2009

Did My Kid Really Just Say That?

I know all parents have thought this to themselves a time or two........... or 100.

Sometimes, the stuff that they say is so off-the-wall, cute, or horrific!

I just wanted to write a quick blog about my little Sophie and how absolutely spot-on she can be, even though at times, I really wish she wasn't paying attention to anything but her toys. So many kids are like this! Just completely oblivious to their surroundings. Totally emerged in their activity.


You come within 50 feet of her with Peanut M&M's in your mouth and she will say, "What are you eating Mom?" Or put a new deodorant on..."Mommy what's that smell?" She really is in tune with the world around her. I love this about her, yet at times it can get a little tricky.

I have nightmares in regards to the whole "kids saying embarrassing things" scenario because of my mom's stories about myself. I guess I get what I deserve.

One of my favorite stories, about my own embarrassing commenting, took place when I was about three years old. My mom and I were waiting in the checkout line at Central Hardware. My mom said the minute she looked at the check out lady, she had a bad feeling. To top it off, one of my mom's friends she hadn't seen in a long time was in line also. The next thing she knew I was screaming, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER EYEBROWS?!" My mom said it was horrifying. Then after a long pause the rest...... "IT LOOKS LIKE SHE PAINTED THEM ON!" The nice checkout lady had no eyebrows of her own, only dark drawn on pencil eyebrows. What is a mom to do? I was only telling the truth!

Little Sophie reminds me of myself in this sense everyday lately. She just turned three and loves to tell you EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

A few days ago, Sophie and Mia were outside playing on their play set in the backyard. Our next door neighbors were doing a little landscaping. Apparently they were getting hot, because the husband took off his shirt at one point. Sophie was astonished at this and yelled up to me, as I was in the kitchen cleaning up the lunch time mess, "Hey Mom!! Why is Katie's* Dad so NUDY?!"

*Name changed to protect their identity ;)

So I did what I thought was best and just ignored her. Well she just kept yelling it over and over again. I finally popped my head out the door and waved her down. I gave her the PLEASE JUST WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF look. This always does the trick.

I know this particular example isn't as bad as it gets, or as bad as what I have experienced in the past, as well as what all of you have experienced on your Motherhood Journey! But it just reminded me of how innocent and adorable little kids are. The cute and funny things they say.... this leads me to another post in itself.... stay tuned for that! Subscribe to my blog so you won't miss any of the drama!

I would love to hear some of your funny stories! If you subscribe to my post and leave me a comment you will be put into a drawing to win one of my FUNKY FELT FLOWERS from my new Etsy shop at


jonahbonah said...

Seeing as how I just stumbled upon your blog...and you have a haus full of girls and I just welcomed my first, I'm gonna post a comment!!! I have 3 boys and 1 girl. Three months ago I would not have entered a drawing such as this.

I'm gonna become a follower of yours as well. I have enjoyed reading your blog!!!!


Lucky Irish Gal said...

My three year old son is a verbal sponge. After I had his sister he became fascinated with how I breastfeed her. He loves to tell people about how they have boobs and then proceeds to lift his shirt to show them his. We had to have a talk about how we keep our clothes ON and in the right place in public. He understands now that yes everyone has boobs but they don't want to talk about it.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I'm braindead at the momemt and can't think of a single funny story! But I enjoyed laughing at your's. :)

I'm gonna twitter this.

JJ said...

hey marta...its jenn (schultz) jones...i dont have kids so I don't want to be in the running for your (adorble) funky felt flower...but just had to say i cracked up at your story and especially when you mentioned central hardware!! i totally remember going there with my mom as a kid. it just sent me back to the day....anyway, love your blog!

Colleen said...

Great stories!! I have a girl who will talk to anyone, anywhere-but so far it hasn't been anything embarrasing-I know the time will come though. Right now the best comments we get are from our 3 year old son who has troubles with pronunciation. So we watch "no-lows" (snowplows) outside while wearing "slocks" (socks). And yes is always "wah"

Lucky Irish Gal said...

you got an award over at

Julie said...

You know I can't resist sharing the time Jack said in the middle of a store that he would smack my b*** crack. Girls are one thing but boys will take you over the edge. Congrats on your first award.

Nick said...

Haha, thats hilarious. Sophie is so cute. Lily is going to be the same way I think, last night I had been washing my car and got water all over my shoes and socks. When I came home and took my shoes off to let them dry out, Lily walks right over and says "Daddy, you stink". Such class! I told her that was rude but she insisted it wasn't! :)

Kacey said...

That is so cute! I hopped over from Joy's Hope and enjoyed reading your post! Sophie is precious!

Heather said...

Stopping by from Joy's Hope...

Oh, the things they come up with! Sounds like you have an inquisitive one on your hands!

Your pictures are just SO cute!


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