Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A $4 Halloween Decoration


Who doesn’t love a little spooky Halloween decor?
I sure do! And for $4, you should too.

What you’ll need:
1.) One old window (selected from the two I’ve had sitting in my computer room for weeks waiting for a fun project) that your sweet sister gave you when her  house was being renovated.
Or, if you don’t have a stellar sister getting a brand new rad house, then you can also find old windows at garage sales, on Craigslist or antique shops for really cheap.
2.) Some super cute Martha Stewart Halloween themed “clings” that are on sale for 40% off.


Stick the removable and reusable clings on the window glass….


…add some cheesecloth on the corner of the window to look like spider webs
(then later make super cool ghosts to dangle on your chandy using something new to me, Stiffy)



..and top things off by ordering a super fun dangly spider runner off eBay for $10 with free shipping.


Spooky.  Fun.  Festive.
For $4.

Have fun!

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Lil Miss Red T-Shirt said...

Great idea. Love your Halloween decorations... so cute.


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