Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Version of Valentine's Day

doesn't exactly consist of romantic
candlelit dinners these days.....

but more of a game of Tic Tac Toe at a cozy little Applebee's.

Nothing better than some Artichoke Dip!

This year we rounded up the three girlies for a fun family
day full of Applebee's, a visit to Nana & Papa's house
and a trip to Trader Joe's.
I wouldn't have it any other way.

The girls all glammed up in the Heart Day Gear.
Can you say crazy cute?

Love me some pink and red.

Here is Sophie before her Valentine's Day party at preschool.

She loved her tutu shirt I made thanks to Julie at Joyshope.
I can always count on her for some sewing inspiration.

Mia jumped in to pose with Sophie on her special day!

Saying the prayer before snack.
(Nothing cuter than a 3 year old praying.)

Sophie had a FUN birthday party trip to
Build A Bear after her Valentine's party!
She loved washing her new puppy, Gussie.
(Wonder where she got that name? It's one of our dog's names!)

Mia on the day of her Valentine's Party!

So excited!

Speaking of excited....
my nephew Meade just turned one.
I made my sister some fun party favor buckets to hand out at his party this weekend.
Can you guess the theme?

The girls are SUPER excited to celebrate their cousins birthday!
I watch him during the week, so he's here everyday, and I think they feel like he's the
closest thing to a BROTHER they will ever have!

On another note, Sophie's got the Skills to Pay the Bills.
Just sayin'.
She does.
I made her this dress a few weeks ago and I'm scared
to have her wear it in REAL public.
Do you think people will look at me like I'm a weirdo mom?

Speaking of Soph....
Steve may or may not have FINALLY painted her room
after her can of paint she picked out has been chillin' in her closet for over a year.

She has been begging Steve to paint for her BIRTHDAY (which is NEXT THURSDAY!)
So, he got out the trusty paint roller and tray and Voila!
EVEN MORE PINK added to our home!
She now calls her room, PINKALICIOUS.

Can you guess the theme of Sophie's upcoming party?
(Thank you Ashley from lilblueboo for this adorable image by the way!)

I recently got some fun new software, so I am able to use almost
any image for my party favor buckets in my shop!

If you need a fun party favor, feel free to email me!
I would love to create some fun & unique buckets for your child's party!

Have a "Hoppy" Thursday!


Four Fit Sisters said...

CUTE Marty...Love the girls CUTE tutu shirts!!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Maybe we will come over for a visit!!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Such cuteness, and pictures of the pinkalicious room, please!!

BriBedell said...

I used the same fabric to make my ladies some valentines shirts and a little something for their hair too!! Skills to pay bills don't always include dirty ones! If someone would be offended I would tell them to get their mind out of the gutter! Super cute pictures!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Holla for a Pinkalicious room! I want to see pictures of it! :)
Love your tutu tee's. Weren't they SO fun to make? Julie rules.
Glad you guys had a nice Valentine's Day :)


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