Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 Recap in Pictures {July-December}

The rest of my 2009 recap in pictures!
The fact that it took me so long to get this posted gives you an idea of just how many pictures I take. I think I may have a slight camera obsession.... but that is for another post.
I feel, however, in twenty years, when my girls have grown up, they will appreciate all the camera clicking and blogging. Every milestone & memorable moment (literally) will be binded up for them to glance at anytime they'd like.
Here are a few pictures from July through December, 2009......
In July....

many s'mores were eaten....

Mia had her FIRST ever pedicure.....

Maggie posed with Gracie on the 4th of July....

and we also celebrated the 4th of July at my Uncle Keith & Aunt Cindy's amazing house.....There was a lake for fishing, trampolines for jumping, a baby deer to pet, and sparklers to wave.

Mia & Sophie posed for me, yet again!

Mia had her LAST day ever as a four year old. Tear.
And we celebrated her 5th birthday at a water park the next day!

She had a HORSE themed party for some friends a few days later.

Sophie loved riding the horse!

Mia made a wish.

And I did as well, at the end of this month.... I turned 30!
I celebrated with my family that night at a yummy Mexican Restaurant, then later in the week a fun party at our house!
In August....
Aunt Maggie took Mia horse back riding....

And Mia lost her FIRST tooth!

Mia also had her FIRST day of Kindergarten.
Major tears.

Maggie & Gracie posed at church after Meade's baptism.
In September.....

Mia & Sophie had their FIRST day of Dance Class together....

and hugged yet again.

We cheered as we watched Daddy coach softball.....

and Sophie cried on her very first day of school EVER.

Our family went to the annual fair...

and the girls and I made a SPOOKY banner to get ready for Halloween!

In October...
Gracie tested Daddy's new ear protectors...

and the girls posed by a haystack in Augusta, MO for our annual "every second Sunday in October" trip to the Sausage Supper and wineries.

A few days later we had our very first ER experience.
Poor Gracie had pneumonia.

We were back in action for the annual Rodeo though!
Yee Haw!

I made Mia a Michigan recycled t-shirt dress & Sophie a Halloween dish towel dress.

They posed in our living room showing off our awesome fall leaves view.

The girls had one of SEVERAL trampoline parties with Daddy.

And Maggie came in town for a fun party at Mom and Dad's house!
We posed in our hats from dad :)

I got a great group shot of almost all the cousins on my husband's side after baby Maddie's baptism. They are all too cute!

Gracie showed some MICHIGAN spirit and posed in Daddy's old (and dirty) hat!
We celebrated Halloween at Adie's house.
(This is the ONLY group shot where everyone is somewhat looking.)

We had a Daphne, a Dorothy a cat & a very grumpy Tiger.
In November....

Mia was "BIG CHIEF" at her elementary school.
And we had several super warm days to enjoy outside!
We went to the Zoo and the girls posed at the amazing entrance!

I made my girls some special Christmas pillowcases that they will get to use every year at Christmas time! They loved these.

Steve and I teamed up to make Mia & Sophie some fun shirts.

The girls posed in their fun Christmas gear after celebrating Mimo's birthday!!
Hats and shirts were gifts from Julie and Sophie's poncho was from one of her fabulous preschool teachers. So cute!

Speaking of preschool, Sophie celebrated Jesus' birthday and sang some special songs during her Christmas program.

Gracie helped hang candy canes.

And we celebrated yet another wonderful Christmas with our family and friends.

We even had a semi-WHITE Christmas this year!

We wrapped up the year 2009 in style at my sister Haley's house.
All the cousins posed in their matching skirts, made by Haley, and tie shirts that I made the boys so they could match the girls.

Mia, Ella & Sophie.

Gracie & Meade.
The Viefhaus sisters got together for a cute shot.
Maggie, Marta, Adie & Haley

And here is an action shot of randomness & laughter.....

Haley & Adie posed with their fun hats!

Happy New Year!

Steve and I have been so blessed this year. We traveled, celebrated birthdays, spent time with our families and loved life.

We can only hope that 2010 will be as rewarding, memorable & joyous as 2009 was for us.

Here is to a healthy and happy 2010 filled with laughter and love to all!


Hissyfits & Halos said...

Those are gorgeous pix! Thanks for sharing! You and your sisters look so much alike! Mine doesn't look anything like me! ;)

Working Mommy said...

Those are some of the most fabulous pictures I have ever seen!!! You and your family are so put-together...I am incredibly jealous!! How do you do it?!?!


Liz said...

The first day of preschool.... awww :*( haha cutest thing ever.

I love all your girls outfits! They're just so cute. And they are dolls :)

ChaseyandCash said...

Such cute pictures! I tried to do a "re-cap" as well...but I'm like you and have literally THOUSANDS of pictures so I just haven't had the time to weed through them all!

sara said...

love the re-cap of your year! i just recently started following your blog. so much fun!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Love this post!! Such great pictures!

My Trendy Tykes said...

I loved the recap!

SoSoBella said...

what a great recap. the hospital picture touches my heart. there is nothing like a mommy's love for their children. what a blessing you have. thanks for sharing :O)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

love the recap & the pictures of your cute family! Happy 2010 to my fellow tall girl :)


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